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All New 2020 Iphone SE Review | Techronicle

You may have heard a new iPhone went on sale today. It's the new second generation iPhone SE. It costs $399. So in 2020 a brand new iPhone for 399 now originally I was going to talk about this until I had it in hand. But hey quarantine content, right? Why not talk Tech for a little bit and there are just so many interesting conversations to be had because of this phone at this price. But yeah, there's a lot to talk about. The first of all apples have themselves a little hit year with minor refreshes so far in 2020, right? We had the MacBook Air which is basically a new keyboard and internal spec bump same design and out. Everyone's favorite laptop. We got the new iPad Pro, which is basically the same iPad Pro with a LIDAR camera and an ultra-wide and a new GPU core. That's just Ending their lead as the best tablet. And so now we have the new iPhone SE. So just so we're on the same page. What is this iPhone SE? Well, if you picture body of an iPhone 8 literally like iPhone 8 cases will work with this new SE. So imagine an iPhone 8 Touch ID fingerprint reader and bezels the whole thing the 4.7 inch retina HD LCD display on the front, IP 67, wireless charging, aluminum rails, all thing you've seen in an iPhone 8, but then on the inside it has new internals, so it's spec bump.

So you got the new a13 bionic which is the same chip in the thousand-dollar iPhone 11pro and three gigs of RAM and some other little things. If you're paying attention, they move the Apple logo down to the middle of the back of the phone now to match all the newer iPhones. So that's how you be able to tell what's an SE and what's an iPhone 8 and theyve dropped it in three colors. It is red, black or white and all three colorways will have the black front bezels. Even the white one. So the white iPhone 8 had white bezels the white iPhone SE has Black bezels so that's nice. But really it's a pretty simple formula. Some people have called this a parts bin phone just because apples recycling some things they have, you know.

Well, actually, it's the price that's making it a crowd favorite. That's why it's everywhere but the SE name was smart too. So I have a couple thoughts on what makes this so crazy and so interesting. I'm curious what your guys thoughts are.

Number one- The Camera

Will this be the best camera in a budget phone and obvious recommendation for a budget phone with a great camera has been pixel 3a by a mile because there really isn't any competition in this price range for a great camera. This new iPhone SE coming along will have basically the same Hardware as the iPhone 8's camera, a single 12 megapixel shooter back there plus the benefit of New Image processing from the iPhone 11. Thanks to the a13 bionic so I suspect It's reasonable to assume this camera will be at least as good as the iPhone 8 if not a little bit better. Thanks to software. And I think that puts it right up there against pixel 3A. It might not be pixel for  when that comes out as far as camera quality but video quality, I'm gonna say this one's a safe bet for best video quality in a budget phone

Number two- The Price Segment

Apple joining the spec for low budget race makes it really tough for a lot of the manufacturers that have been absolutely feasting down there see for the longest time there has never been an option to buy a new iPhone at that lower price. We've seen, you know, every year new iPhone comes out its $800/$900 even up from that and so they'll maybe bump down the price of older iPhones down to $600 maybe $500. But as soon as you want it to go lower than that, there was no new iPhone. And so that's where Oneplus and Xiaomi and Samsung would all be waiting for you. But now there's a new iPhone with an a13 bionic for $399. And that's an easy choice for a lot of people. That's going to sweep up the rest of the sales that they were missing underneath the price of the lowest iPhone they had before so that is scary. If you're one of those Android manufacturers that's been basically thriving at that lower price because of the lower price like you just became a really easy choice for a lot of people. I'm super curious actually to see the day one week one sales for this iPhone SE

Number three- The Specifications

Is this more likely to be the best budget phone of the year or the best compact phone of the year?Probably best compact phone 4.7 inch display in the iPhone 8 body size is compact by today's standards. It's not the Good old precious truly SE days that we miss. But we're really not expecting too many other Flagship quality phones at a smaller size.

We are likely to see more options to come out and compete at this price. So we already know Pixel 4a is probably coming up soon. Samsung's always drop and stuff at this price point. We always see all the other competitors very active from 300 to 600 bucks. So we're expecting more competition there. But yes far small phones. It's really easy to talk about how this is not a new design. Obviously Touch ID is old and big bezels on the front are old but I back to that in a second. That's not exactly what people are paying attention to at a $399 price.I think this is Apple's best deal ever which maybe isn't the highest bar ever for a company. That's also selling Wheels to their computer for $700. So, you know, it's a great deal from Apple, but it is also one of the best deals in all of Tech, but you really have to think about what most people want. What 95% of people want? I think we kind of sometimes catch ourselves in this Tech bubble where we're always looking at the bleeding edge high-tech stuff. But really it's a small percentage of us, maybe maybe 5% of us that care about the design and being bezel less and having a hole punch versus a notch camera, refresh rates, all the sort of stuff. It's a small percentage. So on the face of it this looks like a phone with pretty much no downsides at this price for like 90% of people.

You can get it in red black or white which is kind of what I'm into seems like a no-brainer. I mean we still should Reserve judgment for the full review when we actually get to use this thing, but I'm thinking okay. What do people care about a lot in a new phone screen and you know, this happens to be a 4.7 inch screen but it's the same pixel density same color accuracy as the iPhone 11. So that's fine. They care about camera and this is an iPhone camera. This is ideally iPhone 8 quality or better seems pretty Be good, they care about battery life and honestly an a13 bionic in a screen this small probably going to do fine with battery and then price and this is a $399 phone and it's an iPhone. So it's familiar people know Touch ID people know iOS and something that's underrated with apple stuff. We don't talk about that much but software updates the software update support for this $399 phone because it's an iPhone and it'll get iOS updates or probably four to five years.


Its probably the best for any $399 phone so there you have it a lot of interesting stuff coming from this iPhone SE announcement, you know, usually when we're talking about new tech we're talking about the highest end the bleeding edge of stuff and that's what I like to focus on but I guess the benefit of the world we live in is now that all this stuff is getting so good. You can bring down almost the bleeding edge Tech way down in price and get stuff like $399 iPhone that undercuts Every single iphone that has come out with the past two years. It's crazy time to be alive. Either way. That's been it. Thanks for reading this quick first impression and catch you guys very soon with the full hands on review of this very Iphone SE.

Iphone SE Price

USA- $399
Europe- 419 EUR
India- 42500 INR