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Google Meet Unknown Sender Problem and why does this happen? Should we worry?

Due to the covid 19 and work from home situation all around the world,
There's been a huge increase in usage of Online meeting and Video Conferencing Applications
Such Online Conferencing Apps has become forum for nearly every kind of social function,including happy hours, yoga sessions, school classes, funeral services as well as Passover, festivals and so on.
But with the huge increase in usage of apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Bluejeans, Microsoft Teams we have heard news such as crashed meetings, flashing porn or racist slurs on screens. Security researchers released report after report on newly discovered vulnerabilities including leaked emails and bugs that might have allowed hackers to access webcams.

Weve also been hearing the news of Some Countries, even some Large reputable organizations such as Google, SpaceEx as well as U.S. Senate warning people and their respectible employees not to use some of these apps in which specially Zoom is accused of data theft and violation of consumer privacy acts even lawsuits have been filed against the same.

Considering all this, many people have moved to Google Meet even though it does not provide the same features as the Zoom Application, atleast Google being a reputed company, People thought their data and privacy will be safe by switching to Google Meet.
But now recently, many people are complaining of errors while using Google Meet,
Many users have reported the problem that During the meeting chats, they see some participants named as "Unknown Sender" and a large number of users have faced this issue
Some users have reported this problem to Google where "They see a user named 'unknown sender' for several times in the chat box but later it disappears". While only a very few participants of the meeting are able to see such a user.

See the Screenshot Below

Now after the whole story of Zoom, this issue is spreading Panic among Google Meet users that whether these "Unknown Senders" are people who they know, is it a Glitch, or are they Hackers!
Even theres been no answer from Google regarding this problem.

What could be the Possible Reason?

As there have been no acknowledgement of this issue from Google's side, all we can do is just speculate about what could be the possible reason behind this unknown sender problem.
It could be because of slow Connection of Internet
Google could not be able to verify the User hence it might be showing the Predefined Term
The User may be withholding his/her identity
Possibily a "Intruder"

What do we think about this?

Considering the fact that Google Meeting are End to End encrypted, the possibility of the Unknown Sender being a Hacker or Intruder is very low because Google being a tech giant  would not risk their users data, they would have already taken every safety precaution about this and as this issue is been faced by several Google Meet Users this might be due to a bug in development of the Application itself or a error from the server side.

After playing around with Google Meet and other Google Applications which use the Group Messaging feature like the Meet, we found out that the same problem appears while using Google Messenger too!
When we switched back to another messaging App all the "Unknown Senders" were gone and the problem was solved and again after switching to Google Messenger, the names changed to " Unknown Sender"

The same thing happens with Google Meet, where the Meet uses group messaging feature and the problem kicks in. When the messages arrive to the Phone, the System Handles them differently. Not sure if this can be helpful but this seems like the only logical answer until Google Acknowledges the issue and solve this problem.

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  1. As a student, I've had people post in the Google Meets chat that there's an unknown sender when I'm messaging. When I ask my classmates they don't respond, and don't give me a chance to verify myself. On the internet there's not a lot of information so this helped greatly. This also helped my theory of a slow connection. I'll test this out soon, and if anyone has more information it'd be greatly appreciated. Thank you all!

  2. that hapend to me "UNKNOWN sender" just cameto my google meet
    it hapend 2 times last year

    1. Might be due to poor network connection

  3. umm help unknown sender has joined my google meet!!!

    1. No need to worry, this may possibly be due to poor network connection

  4. WHAT exactly does "unknown sender" mean???

    1. When the Server side is unable to verify the user, it by default displays "Unknown Sender" instead of the actual username, this may happen due to poor network connection as well.