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What is Airtel Bluejeans? The new Zoom Rival | Full Overview |

Airtel Bluejeans

Hello Guys,  In this post we are going to talk about Airtel Bluejeans, which Iam sure most of you might not have heard about. So Bluejeans is actually a video conferencing tool or application with which we can do corporate or personal meeting through Internet. Its somewhat similar to other famous and well known Video Conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams just to name a few.
But what makes Airtel Bluejeans stand apart is the quality of Video Conferencing, that is the Video and Audio quality over the internet. As far as I have used it, I have seen that this is far more better than Zoom in terms of Quality and also we are hearing a lot about the privacy issues with Zoom app. Everyone is suggesting to not use the Zoom app due to its Privacy Issues but we didn’t had a worthy competitor to challenge the Zoom app so we were kind of Forced to use the Zoom app and due to this work from home situation, there is a need for a good quality Video Conferencing app with Privacy at Priority especially for the Schools and Colleges.


I accidentally stumbled upon this Blue Jeans app, Actually my Sister who lives in SFO US, she told me about this app as we wanted to do a Video Conferencing with all our cousins, she said the Bluejeans is more famous around her place and she is more used to use the app instead of what are famous here in India. That was the reason I tried using Bluejeans and was quite surprised by the quality.

So Here in India, Airtel has partnered with BlueJeans to provide video conferencing solution, so I thought why no do some research about it and let you guys know about it too as it can be a good alternative to Zoom and other famous applications.
For testing purpose I tried the Airtel Bluejeans with my Mac, my Windows Laptop, my Iphone, Ipad and with my Android Smartphone. It works similarly like the existing apps, you have to share your id with the participants and it sets up pretty easily.

Airtel Bluejeans Image

With the Airtel Jeans, sharing stuff is easier, it has a white board option, which can be instantly shared among all the participants which is a great option for School and Colleges for their online classes, we can also do annotations, that means we can browse the internet while on the video call and show a specific point or sentence on the screen to all the participants with just one click.
Annotations come handy while sharing  PowerPoint Presentations, PDF’s etc.
We can easily highlight important stuff in all these which is really a great feature.
It supports all the general tools for example
You get all the meeting history, time, moderator screen sharing, Crop video Option, Disable Chat,
Also it has an Encrypted meeting option which is really important.
For more information about it you can visit the Airtel Website where you will get an overall idea about it.


As far a I have used Blue Jeans I found that it is a great tool for big Organizations and this is backed by Airtel Network which is an important thing as the data that will be transferred through it will be within India only, the connection speed is very good, the Audio Quality was also a surprise for me, Blue Jeans actually uses Dolby audio which itself is a standard for great audio quality. Which is again not comparable with Zoom. We also have one more popular app we use these days for video conferencing that is the Microsoft Team and ive used Microsoft team earlier but I found that the Audio is better on Blue Jeans because of the Dolby Audio Setup and Infact if you have the capabilities, you can set the video feed upto 4K if you want which is not present in any other app.


You don’t have to install any app if you don’t want to. You can use directly through your browser.
BlueJeans works with every app like Microsoft Word etc which comes handy during meeting.
Also if you are a corporate, you can use the client scheduling feature which is not present in any other Conferencing app. Blue Jeans also works with Microsoft Teams, that means you can integrate Blue Jeans with Microsoft Teams.

Airtel BlueJeans Logo

You can give a try to Blue Jeans by going to the official Airtel Link where you can find for information about it.
That’s if for todays post, hope you guys liked it, If you have any issues using Blue Jeans or have any questions regarding it, you can connect with us on our Social Media platforms. Thank you for reading and do share this post with Your friends and Family and let them know about this new app which is far more better and secure that any other current Video Conferencing  App.