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What is 35.Black and Why cant we write 35.Black on Facebook or Instagram?

I am sure, Recently many of you guys might've come across something weird or say unexplainable while commenting or updating posts over Facebook or Instagram.
And this is getting pretty viral across social platforms.
Everyone is going Bonkers over the fact that when you try to Post 35.Black in an update over Facebook or Instagram or even if you try to comment under any post on Instagram or Facebook you get an error stating
"This URL goes against our Community standards on Spam:"
(see the following screen shot)

This URL goes against our Community standards on Spam:
What is the Meaning of   

To understand the meaning of we first need to understand the working of Facebook, Instagram or other social sites.
Basically whenever we Post something on such social sites, or Send a text or comment in the following format


basically, when we type any word that is also a TLD that means a Top Level Domain followed by a 'dot' "."  on Facebook or Instagram, the servers automatically detect it as a webpage URL.
you can try and check it yourself

For example, if you are chatting with someone and while chatting lets say you sent the word "login" to your friend over chat, then the word will be sent as you typed.
But in the same sentence if you intentionally or accidentally add a 'dot' i.e. "." then the Servers will take it as a URL and send the recipient an link instead of the word you typed.

Here when you add a 'dot' in "login" and write it as "" then the word will transform into a URL.
This happens because as we all know that ".in" or "dot in" is a top level domain.

Similarly ".black" or "dot black" is also an top level domain and when we try to type without space on Facebook or Instagram, the servers automatically detect it as a URL.

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Why only is banned on Facebook why not any other .Black domain?

Now i hope you guys might have understood the technical reason behind all this, Still the Question persists that why only "" goes against Facebook community guidelines and why not any other URL that also has "a .black" domain extension?

So this happens because, maybe there was a website few years back with the url "" that might've been dangerous or maybe voiding Facebook policies in some ways or other and hence the URL was blacklisted by Facebook and its Servers.

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So whenever we type on Facebook, a message is displayed 
"This URL goes against our Community standards on Spam:" 
and as we all know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, so the problem appears on Instagram too.
currently the URL is not active and when you try to visit the URL by entering it in your Browser,
you can see it is inactive or taken down. See following Image.

What is the Meaning of


So basically you need not to worry about this fact that we cant write ""
It could be possible this phrase is something suspicious.So, if Facebook is not allowing to write it, then just avoid writing it.
Also you can have fun challenging your friends to try posting it successfully or just spread this unique fact with your friends.
That's all in this post, hope you liked it, do share this with your friends and follow us on Social Media where we share such interesting and informative tech related content, news, updates, reviews and memes. Thank You

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