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Long Story Short- The Full Story of Samsung | Techronicle

You might be surprised to find out that Samsung wasn't always selling Smartphone’s, Televisions and Fridges but in fact started off selling dried fish noodles and groceries and there is a lot of the story
but today I'm gonna break it down into these seven things Samsung did, seven pivot points that took Samsung from selling grapes to selling Galaxy S 10s.

Samsung Founder Lee Photo Techronicle

Let's rewind 80 years to 1938
this was the very beginning, there was a man named Lee who was part of a wealthy family and had a bit of money and he founded Samsung 

Samsung Old Photo Techronicle

At the time it was just a trading company dealing in all manner of consumables and it was a huge hit, as the company started to grow, Lee started a sugar refinery moved in to insurance and just generally started to do a bit of everything and this leads us to our first turning point when Samsung finally branched out into electronics they had an advantage over other new electronics brands.
In that, they had their income from all these other sources which was leveraged to fund their ventures so that's one thing they started creating TVs, appliances a little bit more the Samsung you know today
But Lee realized something, he had the insight in a time when it wasn't so clear that electronics was gonna be huge for something in the future as it was.

Samsung Old Photo Techronicle

Samsung was importing many of its parts from Japan which means that there is still another company taking a cut on each component, not ideal
So out of his own pocket Lee bought a majority stake in the company Korea semiconductor by owning this majority stake Lee had control over the company's decisions and said this was soon renamed to Samsung semiconductor and started making all manner of components just for Samsung and this was a huge gamble at the time.
Everyone was telling him Lee don't do it, don't spend this money, it's too risky but looking back from now we can see it handsomely paid off Samsung semiconductor has only grown since and has allowed the company to even take over Intel as a chip maker for smart devices.
In fact Samsung is now the largest chip maker in the world and it's all thanks to that seemingly unprofitable gamble made back Lee in the 1960s.

Samsung Old Photo Techronicle

So Samsung continued to expand but they had one looming issue "Quality".
To establish brands like Sony. something it was a very tough sell for customers especially ones abroad this wasn't helped when Lee eventually died of lung cancer in 1987
fun fact here, Lee number 1 was replaced by a second man named Lee who we're gonna call Lee number 2 for now and this leads us into the third point.

Samsung Old Photo Techronicle

Because Lee number 2 wasn't gonna stand for low quality products
In 1993 Lee 2 famously held a meeting in Germany where he gathered 200 Samsung executives and spelled out his entire vision to them.
It took three days, his famous words were "Change everything but your wife and kids"
Lee 2 was so disgusted by the quality of products that were coming out of Samsung in the 1990s that in a fit of anger he ordered them all to be destroyed something like fifty million dollars worth of hardware was burned on a single day! in 1995
And this was kind of like a message to the rest of the company 

Samsung Old Photo Techronicle

This was him putting his foot down and saying this is not okay and Samsung Electronics emerged from those ashes a very different company the transition from cheap mass-produced products to being at the cutting edge of technology was a long difficult Road but a lot of people would say this is where it started.

Samsung All Phones Techronicle

Samsung was an early adopter of the cell phones way before it was considered a necessity before every man woman and two-year-old had one and when the smartphone arrived, Samsung run with the opportunity even as early as 2010 along with their flagship Samsung Galaxy S
The company made over 50 different models of phone and each of these were specifically targeted to a certain niche.

Samsung All Smartphones Techronicle

It could be People who wanted a super cheap phone, People who wanted a physical keyboard or People who needed a good camera.
So up against a company like Apple, while Samsung perhaps lost in refinement they gained back in sheer numbers although their profits per phone weren't close to this high they were slowly but surely building a reputation for quality.

Samsung Cliparts Techronicle

But even at this point Samsung wasn't destined to success. There were a few more key decisions that had to be made the next big thing.
This was a powerful move by Samsung . They carefully planned marketing stunt that brought them right into center stage.
It was essentially a massive stab at Apple pointing at the iPhone 4s and its small display unreliable battery and lack of 4G connectivity and the timing was clever "the Samsung Galaxy S".

Samsung Galaxy S Techronicle

The company had finally made a phone that could stand toe-to-toe with the iPhone this marketing campaign should have created the idea in consumers minds that Samsung's phones were a viable alternative.
The most important thing which really cemented Samsung's position as a true creator of modern flagships was its early adoption of large displays.
With the Galaxy Note, Samsung was the first to fully embrace large screen smartphones some people laughed them off claiming that to the 5.3 inch display was excessive but in hindsight it's clear that Samsung saw a gap that others didn't.

Samsung Large Screen Phones Techronicle

By then consecutively delivering with their Notes lineup, they became one of the go-to devices. If you wanted a big screen phone. So this was the Long story short of One of the Smartphone Market leader, Samsung. 

We actually tried to cover most things in minimum words. Hope you liked this post. Thank you for reading and please stay connected with Techronicle, we bring more such interesting and informative articles daily. Also please do check out our social media handles where we share facts, informations, news and memes related to technology.