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Oneplus Buds Full Review | Sound Quality | Battery Backup | Price

Oneplus Buds available colors Blue and White

One plus has been making a lot of noise with the new Nord smartphone budget-minded smartphone but this is i mean they put this out too the Oneplus buds at the event kind of at the end part of the event and so you know for me at least in the office, these went overlooked they got put to the side for a moment for obvious reasons but these in some ways well at least for some people you know it might even be as exciting or interesting.

The key factor with these things is the Price.
So Oneplus took a concept that's pretty well established at this point which is the fully wireless Earbud and brought it down to a price that makes it a lot more approachable for people who have been avoiding the $159 to $200 price points that many of these style of headphones come with.


Oneplus Buds All Available Colors White Blue Black

So these things look a lot like Airpods they are kind of like galaxy buds they're in that same territory well they're more like Airpods if we had to say between the two but the price tag is quite a bit different these are $79 and this could really help some people get into a fully wireless setup that we're avoiding it because of the cost so I had two colors with me while reviewing in front of me the Nord blue version as well as the white version.

Whats in the Box?

I  started by unboxing the blue one and then the white one i unboxed at the end for a quick visual comparison.
So it say on the package, easy to use,sound quality,environmental noise cancellation and 30 hours endurance with warp charge so you can use your same charger that you have for your Oneplus device to charge these up i don't know what they mean by environmental noise cancellation i guess we'll find out when we try them on rated capacity for the charge box is 420 mAh if that's interesting to you obviously it's it's like a lot of these other systems the case itself is going to recharge the buds

Oneplus Buds blue Closed Case

Now they're calling this Nord blue that's because this color matches the blue version of the brand
This can be a kind of a flashy setup a youthful type of look anyways good thing we got the phone for to complete the pair
Okay, so there are the buds and the container is a little bit bigger than air pods probably smaller than galaxy buds and certainly pocketable of course when compared to air pods you have the convenience here at least in my case of having a type C connector on the bottom so one charger no more need for lightning and then you've also got an LED indicator on the front,
the hinge is very air podesque and we have a button on the back as well crack them open all right unveil the kind of yellowish greenish combination thing going on it certainly is a style.
Actually that carries through onto the back of the Earbud as well.

Oneplus Buds Blue Case in hand

The color combo and we try these on do they go into pairing right away.
For me it was a slightly more secure fit than an airpod it's a slightly larger ear tip it doesn't fit very deep in the ear canal it's still a casual Earbud but for me that's a slightly tighter setup so that's going to be a little more convenient for any type of fitness or physical activity also inside the package you're going to find your user guide and your type C cable and they've gone ahead and given a short little type C cable to charge this up which is kind of convenient of course as i mentioned any type C cable including the one that came with your smartphone  is going to be fine for this purpose as well and then a little bit of paperwork on the inside also.


They did they go straight into pairing they didn't tell me anything yet i went ahead and tried to pair them with my Oneplus 8 pro.
so we are now in.

Oneplus Nord kept with Oneplus Buds Blue color and Oneplus Buds White Color

We can do one touch pair
I didn't even have to be in the Bluetooth settings at least on my Oneplus device it gave me a little graphic and an indicator and then just like that, I was connected a little added convenience for Oneplus users but it's typical Bluetooth stuff.
So any smartphone can be paired to it obviously.

Sound Quality

So I put some tunes on it real quick,
It has a one touch button on the side for changing songs.
I got to be honest with you, most of the time i reach for a convenient pair of Earbuds more so just because i don't necessarily want to be cut off from the whole world or mess around with the settings to put the pass through audio a lot of times i just need a convenient Earbud to just have a podcast in the background and still hear my surroundings to a certain extent so I could see myself reaching for this.

Oneplus Buds Blue Wireless earphones wallpaper

These Earbuds are  about sort of a convenient, easy entry into the full wireless future that many people are taking part in.

Battery Backup

You could do it in a flashy manner if you decide to go for the particular Nord color scheme.
one plus buds 30 hours of sound includes the charge case on their own you're looking at seven hours for music on a fully charged pair of earphones 10 minutes of charge with your 30 watt fast charger is going to enable your earphones to be listened to for 10 hours
So 10 minutes equals 10 hours equipped with a unique noise cancellation algorithm and three microphones to improve quality.

Oneplus Buds Battery Backup
Oneplus buds will filter out background noise for clear voice recordings and easy to hear calls the buds feature 13.4 millimeter dynamic drivers and 3d stereo through the use of dolby atmos oh instant fast pair what is that.
I didn't even have to go to bluetooth at all hold on how does that work oh yeah so they did figure out fast pair as well which is quite convenient there's you don't have to jump all the way into Bluetooth, no need that's lovely.

Additional Specifications

They are not quite as fast as what happens on IOS, but very convenient
These buds also feature an ip64 rating.

Oneplus Buds All Available Colors White Blue Black

So they're safe from splashes and you can use them for different activities like going for a jog, maybe a little sweat on them no big deal.
They also come with Dolby Atmos for crystal clear sound quality.


So that was all about the all new Oneplus Buds, which have got funky joyful colors and excellent sound quality with amazing noise reduction plus such a low price compared to the Airpods.

Oneplus Buds with Oneplus Nord Image

These are a must have if you are tight on budget yet want an amazing pair of wireless earphones.
Thank you for visiting Techronicle, Hope you liked our short and simple review.

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