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Oppo Reno 3 Pro vs Reno 4 Pro full comparison | Display | Design | Camera

Oppo Reno 4 Pro Box Components

So the way smartphones normally work is you get a phone one year and then about a year after that you get that phone's successor right!
But Oppo have taken that convention and like just four months ago we were talking about the Oppo Reno 3 Pro and yeah i'm about to tell you about the Oppo Reno 4 Pro.

Whats in the Box?

Oppo Reno 4 Pro Blue Box

So talking about the packaging, it's an almost plain white box you get a clear case, your instruction manuals and a SIM ejector tool, the smartphone obviously and a USB C cable plus a pair of earphones and this is the important bit a 65 Watt Charger provided with the box itself.

Whats the Difference? Reno 3 Vs Reno 4

Oppo Reno 4 Pro vs Reno 3 Pro Display Comparison

So the Reno 3 Pro was a good $400 phone, the Reno 4 Pro is its 4 month later successor. So the reason i'm making this i guess the question that's on my mind is how much better can they actually make it a fair bit

Charging Time

Oppo Reno 4 Pro vs Reno 3 Pro Charging Time

Reno 4 Pro can fully charge in about 35 minutes versus 55 minutes or to put it another way if you started charging them at the same time then by the time the Reno 3 Pro is hit 25 the 4 Pro is on almost 50.


Reno 4 has a better chipset which is a snapdragon 720G versus Helio p95 on the Reno 3

Antutu Benchmark

Oppo Reno 4 Pro Auntutu Benchmark Comparison

In the Antutu Benchmark, the Reno 4 Pro scores around 280,000 versus 200,000, that's a 40% imProvement in a gap of four months which is huge.

CPU Temperature and Cooling

Now, because they started integrating Graphite into the cooling architecture in the Reno 4, the temperatures are lower too.

Oppo Reno 4 Pro vs Reno 3 Pro CPU Temperature

I actually ran the benchmark 3 times and by the time we were done the Reno 4 CPU was at around 34 degrees while the Reno 3 was at 49 degrees.


Oppo have given the display a bump. The new one actually looks remarkably similar to the one found on the Oneplus 8, which is a good thing.That phone is like 35 more expensive.
So that means a 2400X1080 Amoled, 90 hertz panel with slight Curves and i've actually put a fair bit of thought into this whole concept of putting a curved display on a mid-range phone.

Oppo Reno 4 Pro vs Reno 3 Pro Processors
But i think it actually makes sense from Oppo's end.A lot of tech people were not the biggest fans of curved displays because they can be impractical, but i think because this is a feature that you basically never see on mid-range phones,to an average consumer it kind of elevates it it makes the Reno 4 Pro look immediately higher end than it is. It'll Probably sell more units.


To top the whole thing off they've redone the design.
Now i actually thought the Reno 3 Pro looked kind of nice but i think next to the 4 it does look a little outclassed mind you the Reno 4 is still made of plastic.
It still has that single speaker and the Headphone jack on the bottom like the Reno 3.
But it's the way they've created this slightly coarse grippy finish which it makes it feel very similar to the matte glass on the Oneplus phones. The only way you can tell it's plastic is that there's a slight bit of flex in the material

Size and Weight

The new Reno 4 it's about 20 grams lighter than its predecessor Reno 3. When i first picked the phone up, i thought the batteries weren't inside so at this point i'm thinking this is a lot of imProvements for a four month gap


Talking about the Camera, the one thing i've noticed is that even though the camera module has definitely gotten bigger since last gen. I wouldn't say the cameras have necessarily gotten better.
But Oppo has tried to compensate for this by adding even more features to it.
Most of them good some of them not.
For example, Something they call "night flare portrait mode" You're Probably used to the idea of a night mode and a portrait mode but this is the first time that a company is actively encouraging you to use them together and this mode basically brings out the light in the foreground and exaggerates the bokeh from any background lights behind you.
I totally get that for a purist even the concept of this is vomit inducing but for me personally i'm actually not bothered with whether it's real or not this quickly became one of my favorite

Now this new camera can technically take 108 megapixel shots and this is software based. So they're not going to be as good as true 108 megapixel shots.
But they are noticeably more detailed than photos taken on auto.

One thing you do feel the lack of here is optical image stabilization. It would Probably be the first thing i would add back in if i had the choice but to try and compensate they've added ultra steady video mode which increases the frame rate and irons out bumpiness and this also actually works on the front camera which you don't normally see

Camera Features

I quickly discovered that, there's actually quite a few interesting video modes one that lets you filter out just the
Red, Blue or Green light. I don't think i've ever seen this before.
Also there is this AI color portrait which gives only the human subjects color and i have seen this before but
what makes it better here is that instead of flicking on and off when it detects people. The color fades in and fades out which feels less jarring than i'm used to seeing.

Cons (Where Reno 3 beats Reno 4)

Couple of things that i'm not a fan of Reno 4 camera is that ot is technically capable of shooting 960 frames per second slow motion. But when doing so it looks like it's only actually recording at a quarter of that and just using interpolation to create intermittent frames so it doesn't look 100% real and the night mode on the Reno 3 Pro was Probably one of my favorite features for a mid-range phone it was exceptional in the dark and the Reno 4 Pro is good but not as good.

Oppo Reno 4 Pro 65W Charger

It creates higher contrast night shots which can look better at a glance but zoom in and it doesn't get as much detail.
In the general photo quality is fine here and it shoots photos quickly which is important if you don't have optical image stabilization because it can help to prevent blurring.

The front camera is okay it's not as good as the 44 megapixel dual selfie camera on the Reno 3 Pro but it's fine. No real complaints about it and it does still support front camera night mode.


I don't have an exact price for the Reno 4 Pro by the way but i've been working on the basis that it should be around the same ballpark as the Reno 3 Pro although the New Reno 4 looks like a miracle which is 40% faster charging,40% faster performance, Better Display, Better Design. I will update the price as soon as it gets revealed.


So that was all about the new Oppo Reno 4 Pro it's not an everything upgrade but considering that it's come out four months after the Reno 3 Pro,
considering that Oppo have basically used a third of the time frame that companies normally have between phones. It's more than i expected. It takes a lot of the things i liked about the Reno 3 Pro. Like battery life, Like design, like
Display and it makes them better.
Oppo Reno 4 Pro vs Reno 3 Pro Display Comparison

You can get a full two days of use out of this thing and it left me with just two constant reminders that this isn't a flagship phone the lack of optical image stabilization and the average haptics in the phone.
I find this such an interesting case study because i mean flagships aren't improving 40% every four months so are we going to get to a stage where the mid-range very quickly starts to catch up with the high end because at this rate of Progression it wouldn't take very long.