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Dish SMRT Hub full handson review | Features | Is it worth buying?

Hey guys in this post we will talk about the All new Dishtv SMRT hub which is basically an amalgamation of an HD Set top Box and an Android SMRT Box.
So in short with this you will get all your TV Channels and your favorite apps like YouTube and Prime Videos directly. It also has a Bluetooth support to connect your wireless headphones, Google Voice Assistant and above all you can record your live TV on your Pen drive. All this for Under 4000. This come pretty handy if you have a non SMRT TV or you just watch normal regular TV Channels on your Set top box but you just want something extra just in case if. So Keep on reading, i will share you every bit of information related to this Dishtv SMRT hub and let you know whether this is for you or not.

Dish SMRT Hub Installation

So the SMRT Hub comes in a box along with the Dish (yes the regular dish which comes with normal set top boxes). You dont have to install it or set it up yourself, a technician will come and install it for you.

Dish SMRT Hub Review Genre List

The whole process of setting it up, wiring etc takes around 30-40 minutes which might vary. No extra charge is taken apart from what you pay for the Box, no charge for wiring and stuff at all. Everything is included.

Dish SMRT Hub Connection

In order to use the SMRT Hub applications, you will require a WiFi connection or a wired Ethernet connection or you can even connect this box Via your Mobile Hotspot connection if you want to use the SMRT TV features like Youtube, downloading apps and games but you wont need an Internet connection for the Set top Box channels. So if your Internet is down or if you dont have an Internet Connection, your set top box channels will still work just like your old set top box.

Build quality and Ports

The Build quality of the Dish SMRT Hub is pretty good, Its pretty compact small box and light weight. On the front it says Dish SMRT Hub plus Dolby audio support.

Dish SMRT Hub Review Bluetooth Feature

Dish SMRT Hub Ports

  • There is a USB A Port which is convenient to plug a Pen Drive on the go at the Front
  • One USB Port at the back.
  • At the back side it has the regular cable wire connection which connects directly to the Dish
  • An AV out for TVs that dont have a HDMI port
  • It has an Ethernet port for wired Internet connection
  • One HDMI Port
  • One S/P DIF port which is used to connect your set top box to an Home Theater system
  • One power source port

The Dish SMRT Hub Remote

The Dish SMRT Hub comes with a full sized remote which has a D pad in the centre, power button on the top and It also has TV controls for power and source which you have to set once and now you can control your TV right from you Set top box remote.
It comes with a Record button too which is pretty handy if you wanna record your favourite TV shows or Live TV.

Dish SMRT Hub Review Games

The Remote has buttons for Pause, Play and Rewind/Forward when you are streaming something on the OTT platforms.
The Dish Hub Remote also comes with an Google Assistant button plus it also has an Dedicated YouTube button too.

Dish SMRT Hub Interface

When you start the TV it greets you with the Android TV Start animation.
The Interface is pretty simple and is really a Smart way to bring your regular TV channels and the applications all together it has all the major Online Streaming Platforms except the Disney Hotstar and Netflix.
All the controls in the Interface are towards the Left and easy to use
When you record some show on this SMRT Hub then 30 Minutes of recording will take around 1.2 GB of space on your Pen drive Space.

Dish SMRT Hub Review Featured Apps

Coming to the App Section, you get pretty much every app on this SMRT Hub as it runs on Google TV OS which has the App store build in plus you also have the options to play Games on this by downloading from Google Play Store which you can play using the remote control or you can also connect an external game pad as this also has Bluetooth support.
As this Dish SMRT Hub supports Google Voice Assistant, you can directly use it the way you use assistant on your Smartphone right from searching your favorite TV show or the weather forecast.
The Dish SMRT Hub also comes with Chrome Cast feature so even if your SMRT TV lacks the screen casting support, with this Dish SMRT Hub now you have the support of casting your Smartphone with your TV using Chrome Cast.

Should I Buy the Dish SMRT Hub?

Even if you have a Smart TV already at home, you still can consider the Dish SMRT Hub because there are many Smart TVs those dont have a good app support.

Dish SMRT Hub Review Google Assistant Feature

The Dish Hub runs the latest android TV 9 OS so you get the Google Play store to Install tons of apps and games, as said before, the Installation is done by the Technician you only need to enter your WiFi password and Google credentials to start accessing the Smart TV features.
So at the price point it’s a really great deal, you get the regular set top box features with the convenience of switching to popular streaming platforms.

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