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Do not ever buy this $450 USB Stick | 5G Bioshield Scam

5G Bioshield USB Stick Scam

I've just wasted $450 on one of the most elaborate scams in existence and for some reason the UK government was promoting it.
You've heard about 5G a thousand times already.
You might love it, you might be kind of interested but just a bit bored of hearing about it or you might be in the increasingly vocal community of people who hate it
I've seen with my own two eyes, people who say that 5G is being used by the military to control us.
That 5G is what's caused the virus that's going around and even that lockdown is just the government's way of installing 5G towers all over the place without people being able to stop them!
So a company have launched a 5G Bioshield to “save us” using none other than Proprietary holographic nano layer catalyst technology….!
I'm sorry what a proprietary holographic of nano layer a catalyst it sounds a bit like someone just jumped two random pages of a chemistry textbook and picked the first words they saw.

5G Bioshield USB Stick Scam Homepage

But I gave them the benefit of doubt. I spent a full day in fact reading through everything this website had to say, they say that in our modern world we're surrounded by EMF or Electromagnetic Fields and this is actually true! there are electromagnetic fields everywhere everything from your Smartphone to your microwave contributes to this.
But that's pretty much the only correct piece of science on the entire website.
They go on to say that 5G makes these fields much stronger to the point where they're dangerous and that you need to use their product to shield yourself so the way this apparently works is you plug it into your computer and it creates a 40 meter of force field around you and if that doesn't already sound ridiculous enough they claimed that even without power even if you're just carrying this in your bag with you it can still create a permanently protective and I quote “plasmic shield” of 8 meters.


Now where if I heard of plasmic shields before?? oh yeah stalls the shield apparently uses can't even make this stuff up Quantum Oscillation to restore the coherence of atoms and emit lifeforce frequencies I found like a link is forming and if is that around this point that I thought goodness sake I've got to try it
I've got to make a hundred percent sure that this is in fact the pile of garbage that it looks like so I ordered one and the purchase process was about as shady as the science behind it
It is listed at 283 pounds but the second you add it to the cart you quickly realize they're going to add sales tax on top of that.
Companies don't usually do that and when you factor in the additional twelve pound shipping fee this ends up at 351 pounds and of course the only way to pay is a direct bank transfer which has zero payment protection
I thought this is 350 pounds I'm not expecting to see again.

5G USB fake scam  bioshield

But, Miracles do happen!
Two weeks later little package rocked through the door, I picked it up I immediately, I knew what it was! I sprinted to the studio,ripped open the box and smashed it into my computer!!
So no…It is exactly what it looks like!
This was a USB stick and in fact the only surprise I had here was the fact that its total capacity maxes out at 128 megabytes.
They've even been so kind as to drop a full twenty five page document on there which includes a before and after health summary from people who've been using the shield it says
But most users report reverse aging by 18 years, so according to that I was about to turn five!
It's just a USB, it registers as a USB and guess what! it took me five minutes to find an almost identical product on Aliexpress.
It's the same color, it's got the same poor build quality, it's 3 dollars and you wanna know the best part that one was more storage!

5G USB Stick bioshield scam total storage

The single difference between this product and that listing is a sticker not anymore but you know what's worse is that this whole operation is run by two scientists
My assumption when I first came across by shield was…”okay this is obviously stupid, it's probably run by two people who don't know what they're talking about” “people who didn't understand the science and people who themselves were just convinced by their own theories“
But that's not what's happening here! These guys more than likely knew exactly what they were making here and even if they somehow believed the stuff they've written on the site to start with then surely surely at the point when you're on the purchasing page for a 3 dollar USB stick which is actually what you're about to send to customers
Something must have clicked. This is not people being delusional, this is a very deliberate scam.
But wait, there's more!
It turns out the Glastonbury Town Council in the UK, the official government-funded body they set up an advisory council for 5G and they recommended this product!!
Their exact words where “we use this device and we find it helpful”

5G Towers

Like what?! it just does one thing and it does that one thing's so poorly! Like if I wanted to fit a 5MB video file on these bio shield sticks, I need to buy 250 of them. It would cost me a hundred thousand dollars. In what world is that helpful??
It looks like what happened is it was just one person who said I've used this I can recommend it and nobody else batted an eyelid
But come on! I mean it doesn't take a genius but probably the weirdest part of this scam is that compared to most schemes like this where companies make a quick buck by being super vague about what's going on.
This company has answer for everything! a group of people called the pen test partners they took one of these things apart and they said to the company “look we can see it's the USB stick what do you have to say for yourself”
I could'nt believe it, a spokeswoman from the company actually replied she said “we're in possession of a great deal of technical information with plenty of backup historical research as you can understand we are not authorized to fully disclose all the sensitive information to third parties”
Ah yeah of course, the secrets stay with you and the Glastonbury 5G committee and the directors of Star Wars they've got an FAQ on their website and someone's asked can I use an electromagnetic field meter to be able to test that.

Girl sitting in Park bioshield

It is in fact producing the radiation it's a fair question using a meter would be the best way of testing if it's actually doing anything but they actually had the audacity to say “no your meter only measures the intensity of the EMF which our device doesn't change our device only changes the form of the EMF”
And oh my god, guess what! only they have the tools to be able to measure that how do we know if it's on and working great question as see what they say it is always on and working that's why we used Quantum Nano layer technology
Anyways I spent three days in total just looking into this stuff and while it did start off funny I think by the end of it I was actually a bit worried
It turns out 5G Bioshield is just one of many many schemes like this.
There are anti 5G blankets, there are watches and believe it or not underwear
I even found a company called Vortex who's selling anti 5G charms.

5G Waves

It's genuinely on the same level as wearing a piece of garlic around your neck to keep the vampires away
And if you thought we'd already hit peak stupidity then you'd be wrong
A very quick search on YouTube shows videos that claim to use a certain vibrational frequency to shield you from 5G

So I'm going to finish this post with a very simple message:
If anyone you know is considering buying one of these, tell them not to.
If this ever pops up on an Instagram or a Facebook advert which it might well do after reading this post.
Don't buy it
Please don't buy it
That’s all and do share this post with everyone you can.

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