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Redmi Smartband 2020 Review | Is it the best at this pricepoint?

Redmi Smart Band Review on Wrist

Hey there guys, Today we will share an in-dept review of the New Redmi Smartband which is available at the price of 1599 RS in the Indian Market, I have put the Discounted links at the end of this post if you are interested in Buying this product.
This same product was launched in China back in July 2020 with a name of MI band 4C, the Chinese version is the exact same as the Redmi Smart band but just the difference in both the products is that the Chinese version has NFC support which the Indian version lacks.
which doesnt matter at all because the NFC is useable for Alipay payments which is useless for the Indian Consumers.

Build Quality

The build is Plastic hence the device is superlight which weighs just 13 Grams, you literally dont feel if you have this on ur wrist or not.
There are no buttons on the side which gives it an extremely clean look
The Straps are made of soft silicon and are really lightweight while the Back has heartrate sensor with the Redmi Branding.

Redmi Smart Band Review Charging Port

The Best part is the USB charging port on the Redmi Smart band, you just need to pullout the strap on the side and access the port.
Its one of the reason that i love this so much, this product is not the first one to do it but these small things make it convenient, you never need to carry a charging wire with you for your smart band ever again. I so want to see other fitness trackers too follow this design.
You just have to plug it in a powerbank or Charging brick and it starts charging right away.


The Display is another plus point of the Redmi Smart Band.
Its a 1.08 inch TFT LCD Touch colour display with a resolution of 120X220 Pixels.
The Display is super clean and sharp.
It covers the Time, Battery Percentage, Day, Date and the Steps.
There are many watch faces to choose from the companion app.
The Colour reproduction is also quite good although not as vibrant as we see on the MI band 4 but it is not dull or faded also, I would say its pretty good according to the Price Point.

Redmi Smart Band Review Music controls

Its a flat display which makes it look a lot more bigger, it also gets much more easy to swipe and navigate through because of the flat display.
There is a touch button at the bottom to go back to the home screen.
This also comes with a little gesture feature, when you cover your screen with a palm, it turns off the display, which comes pretty handy.


Press the button to wake the display, If you swipe left you get the music player where you can control the songs that are playing on your phone, you can reduce or increase the volume from here, there are controls like Play, Pause, Previous and Next track directly from here.
When you swipe up, youll come to the status,
Press status to see the steps, distance, calories burnt and the number of times you stood up.
When you go further down, here you have heart rate sensor,

Redmi Smart Band Review Heart Rate Sensor

You have Excersice in which you have Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Cycling, Walking and Idle time.
Further down we get the Weather, Notifications, More, DND, Alarm Clock.
Then you have theme controls where you find couple of different watch faces to set.
You also get things like the Stopwatch, Countdown, Find My Phone.
In the Settings option you can adjust the Brightness controls, Also you get the options of Restart, Reset, Supervision and About.
Going throught the Interface of this Redmi Smart Band i found that it is one of the simplest and easy to use smartband interface. It covers all the things that you expect in a Smart Band.
I tested the Band and Compared it with my other Smart Watches and it was quite accurate.
It showed distance, time, pace and the heart rate pretty accurately.
It connects to GPS via your phone to map your Run,
You have the freedom of choosing the alerts that you recieve on the Band, you can set from which apps you want the notifications and from which you dont. Its supereasy to choose from the companion app or MI Fit app.

Redmi Smart Band Review Companion App

You also get call alerts with Vibration where callers name is shown, and you get the options whether to reject the call or silent the call.
Overall the user interface is really smooth and responsive, i didnt encountered any lag while navigating
The Device comes with 5ATM Water Resistance, so rain, sweat and splashes are taken care of.
Coming to the Mi Fit App, here you can control pretty much everything on the Band very easily. Right from monitoring your steps, and exercises, to setting Alarms and Notifications.
The Band also has a raise to wake feature but it is not very quick.
The best part about the App is that it has a huge collection of watch faces to choose from, they are really colourful and vibrant but when you use custom watchfaces the batterylife takes a major Dip so you have to deside whether you want colorful watchfaces or Battery life.


Xiaomi claims that the battery of this Redmi Smart Band will last for 14 days, but i havent tested this one with such a long stretch to confirm the claim by the company. But even if you get 8-9 days with this band, it still is excellent.
This Band comes with 130 mAh battery which takes around one hour to charge.

Redmi Smart Band Review Charging


Now there is nothing to dislike about the Smart Band, but if you ask me to Nitpick then i would say that the Tracking options are little limited and an AMOLED Display wouldve made it even better but for 1599 RS its really hard to expect so much.
If you want the AMOLED display and some more Activity Tracking options then you can go with the MI Band 4 but frankly i think this one should suffice for most of the regular users.

Redmi Smart Band Review Watch Faces Options

Its perfect as you get Good Activity tracking, notifications, time at your wrist without having to worry to charge it everyday. The Smart Band also comes with various Strap colours to choose from you can check the following Amazon link if you are Intersted in buying this product.
If you are looking for a smart band under 2000 RS then this is the perfect choice. Smart Band&index=aps&camp=3638&creative=24630&linkCode=ur2&linkId=10021ecea90e2f293abae6dbce09961f

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