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Is Samsung Cheating its customers? Snapdragon vs Exynos which is best?

Exynos vs Snapdragon

Samsung has been releasing two different versions of their flagship devices with different processors for different markets: the Exynos processors and the Snapdragon chipset.

When we earlier heard about this 865 plus chip, this powerhouse version of the 865, people started to speculate that hey that may actually end up in the Note 20 Ultra,

It would make sense, it'd be a good fit.

Powerhouse device + Powerhouse chip

But then now as we now know clearly that in a large number of markets, the Note 20 lineup will have the Exynos 990 from the S20 lineup and if you're demanding the type of price tag we see with this Note 20 series, I think it's kind of kind of sucks for that user to be on a chip that was on the S20 and even on the S20 it was the inferior chip to the Non Plus version of the Snapdragon!

I just feel like if you're spending a thousand dollars on Android you want the Snapdragon Superior quality chipset. At least I know I do.

So this could be another market variant thing where, maybe we could see that Snapdragon 865 plus in the United States possibly in Canada and then I will use the Latest Samsung Device with the Snapdragon 865 + chip which got the 10% performance improvement and I go on to recommend this device to every person I talk to, about it and then I talk about the amazing performance to my friends who Live in India or Europe and they get excited about it too, They go and buy the same device but boom! They've got the slow Exynos processor and then after using the phone which i recommended to them, they think, what's the matter with this shit! 

Processor Image

There is difference in Snapdragon and Exynos benchmarks,

There is difference in the Camera Performance,

There is difference in the overall User Experience!

The Chipset is such a core function that Samsung should clearly state what the customers get right on the Device Box itself,

Samsung advertises the product in every corner of the world, saying that its the best product they've released so far but as we all know, the reality is different, the Same model form the same Manufacturer, performs differently depending on the country it is sold.

It's a bit confusing for the customer, certainly the customer doesn't like that and then once they find out to "like damn man! I paid the same price" in fact in some of these markets you're paying even more right now.

Again I can understand from a strategic perspective, why Samsung might want to do something like this.

Exynos Prcessor is Inhouse.

Their profit margins on the Exynos is probably better.

Exynos Team would want to test themselves against the Market leader of the Flagship Processor.

Snapdragon Image

I just think it has to be communicated better and maybe people have to be made more aware about this, So they feel less 'offended' when they come to find it out what's being done.

Maybe they have an option to pay a Premium if they want to have the Snapdragon version in that market.

I don't know how they do it and I'm sure there's plenty of reasons and licensing deals and blah blah boring stuff as to why they choose to strategically do the thing the way they do. But increasingly as people become more Tech Savvy, more Tech sophisticated, it might not be so acceptable because now they're made more aware.

And its really Important because in some case you talk about 1% to 3% performance improvement while in some cases maybe 10% and I know it gets crazy but it's a bragging rights thing.

Exynos Image

Samsung should stop this immediately and release just one type of processor equally on all their flagship devices instead of releasing two totally different chips. If they are asking the same price for both the Exynos and Snapdragon chip and don’t deliver the same specifications, speed and overall experience, they clearly are fooling their customers!

Now if you have and Samsung Device and If you want to know which processor your device runs, just download and Install this App in order to check whether the phone in your hand is a Snapdragon or Exynos And if you are unhappy with this all thing, there is a public petition that you can sign online which covers the concern. Click here to jump to the Petition Link.

Thank you for reading.

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