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Things to check before shopping for a New Graphics card for your PC

When you go shopping for a PC graphics card, you will be bombarded with misinformation. Mostly people aren't intentionally misleading you, mostly usually they just don't understand what they're selling but you're the one who ends up getting burned.

GTX 1080 Graphics card Nvidia Wallpaper

The biggest misconception is that you cannot compare performance by looking at specifications for example an 4 GB graphics card is only about $100 but still it is not an amazing deal compared to another 4GB one for $1000. Sure they're both GeForce, they both have DirectX 11, their clock speeds are similar and the RAM amount is the same but the thousand-dollar card is easily more than an order of magnitude faster than the hundred-dollar one because these cards use different design architectures.

Lets see an analogy,

A modern loaded semi can travel around 1,400 miles on a single tank of fuel and An Ford Fusion Hybrid travels around 1,400 miles on a single tank of fuel. These are similar specs and they're both interesting facts but they have nothing to do with each other. A semi has a 200 gallon fuel tank runs on diesel and carries an enormous load. While that Hybrid has a seventeen and a half gallon fuel tank runs on gas and electricity and carries around one dude. Do you get what we are trying to say here?

Nvidia and Intel Stickers on Laptop Wallpaper

Another flawed method of comparing specifications is to compare across different graphics processor manufacturers.

The comparison charts are interesting for sure but we also have another big word for it that starts with AI because it cannot conclusively tell us which of these is better than the other. It just doesn't work that way and that's not to say that looking at specs is always a total waste of time when comparing products based on the same design architecture and with similar specifications to each other. Relative performance can sometimes be inferred but even this should be done with great caution.

So at this point you're probably getting frustrated how do we actually compare performance. Real games, you want to know how they actually run on the card that you're looking. And this information is definitely available out there on different YouTube channels.But it's important to find a review that covers the games that you want to play with gear that's realistic for you.

GPU wallpaper geforce transparent

For example if you have a 1080p monitor by based on a review where the cards were tested at 4k resolution but there's great news that there are literally hundreds of sites that review graphics cards So but what about all the stuff besides performance, stability, heat output, power consumption and other software features these are all important. Well there's a ton of information out there about that stuff too but it's a little outside the scope of this post and we know it can be overwhelming but the odds are excellent that if you go charging into a typical PC hardware community asking questions like who do you think has the best drivers AMD or Nvidia you're going to start an argument.

So at least let us point you in the right direction. AMD's key advantages are true audio project mental and great multi-monitor support with their Eyefinity technology.

Nvidia’s key advantages are game stream, geforce experience with shadow play and gsync which makes undesirable effects due to vsync and tearing due to high frame rates disappear and I guess if you want a game in stereo 3D than 3D vision would also be an advantage for Nvidia.

So that was a simple post about choosing your Graphics card. Hope this have cleared your mind a little bit about it. Thanks again for visiting guys and don't forget to share this post also leave a comment if you have any feedback that.

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