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What to check before Buying and LCD Monitor?

Shopping for an LCD monitor can be confusing. In this post we're going to tell you about all the different panel types that are out there.

Two desktop LCD monitors setup techronicle

Twisted Nematic or TN panels are the most common panels probably because they are the least expensive. If your monitor isn't labelled or you're shopping and you can't see what it is, odds are excellent it's a TN.

They have the least accurate color reproduction and the viewing angles are narrowest, especially up and down. So if you look at them from an angle, the colors can appear washed out and the details can be lost. However TN panels are faster than other panel types which is to say the image can switch more quickly. Hence TN panels are often found in premium gaming grade monitors because they run at refresh rates as high as a hundred and twenty or even a hundred and forty-four Hertz that's what allows them to be 3D vision certified for stereo 3d gaming.

Imac LCD monitor techronicle

PVA and MVA panels are quite similar, they're significantly better than TN.

Both in terms of their color reproduction and in terms of their viewing angles. But not quite up there with the more premium panel types making them a very reasonable mid-range option the one real drawback of PVA compared to the more premium ones is the fact that when viewed from different angles the colors do tend to shift quite a bit.

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In plane switching or IPS panels are premium panels suitable for enthusiasts professionals, graphics designers and high-end tablets. So one of the reasons that many tablets use these panels is because the viewing angles are fantastic and the colors which are accurate don't distort almost no matter where you're looking at them from.

The one drawback of an IPS panel is that it tends to be slower than especially a TN panel. So gamers sometimes don't like them because the input lag can be higher and when there's a fast-moving object going across the screen, there can be a trail behind it called motion blur.

Normally plane to line switching or PLS panels wouldn't merit their own subject in a post like this because they're very similar to IPS but they're my personal favourite. They are contend to be brighter than the IPS panels. They have slightly better color range and They're capable of even better viewing angles making them just freakin awesome. However they do have the same issue as IPS where the response times can be a little bit slower especially than fast panels like TN

So as always guys don't forget to share this post with anyone who you think might benefit from this information. If you have any ideas for future posts leave them in the comments down below.

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