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Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones Review and Specifications


Soon you can have a Dyson Air Filter for your face that also plays Music, breathe in and jam out. The Dyson Zone Air purifying headphones are real and coming this year. Let's go over how it works. So Dyson has made a whole new kind of wearable one that delivers pure Air to your nose and mouth and it delivers pure sound with noise cancelling high, high-fidelity over-ear headphones and it also would look awesome for your Mortal Kombat or Bane cosplay, just a fun bonus feature if you're into that.

Okay it's because we are not used to this idea of wearing portable Air purifiers but this is a product that Dyson is serious about. The company has been working on this for six years, more than 500 prototypes have been designed to get it right there's even a patent application from back in 2018 so take a second and just process this. You have Dyson, a massive company that is looking at how pollution and Air quality are becoming a growing problem and their team said yeah we're going to invest years and years of labor in making this product because people will want to pay for a way to breathe better outside.

So yeah that's not the bright future we like to think about because we'll need breathing technology now. I'll just try to cheer you up by telling you about all the cool tech inside. Dyson has been in the Air Filter game for a while now Filtering both gases and particles from the Air. Now the engineering challenge was how to get this same filtration tech in a smaller form. The compressors are in the ear cups, the Air goes in through Filters on the ear cups and then with the visor it's projecting two streams of clean Air to the nose and mouth.


They had a lot of different ideas on how to get that stream of Air to your face some prototypes are shown with snorkel looking attachments but this visor doesn't touch your face at all. It snaps to the headphones with magnets, it just kind of hovers in front of your nose and mouth and you can adjust the size to fit your face and you can just listen to Music without the visor on but you need the visor to get the Air filtration.

There are three different Air speeds for the Filter and what I think is neat is that there's this auto mode so if you're just walking around it's in a low setting but if you start running upstairs, it's going to kick up to blow the Air harder. Now this was tested in crosswinds so if it's a breezy day it shouldn't be a problem and I'm told by Dyson that you can take a phone call while the Air filtration is on so it's not gonna be noisy enough that it messes with the phone microphone but let's say you're walking around town wearing it you're looking like a bionic future hero and you want to stop in a cafe and order a coffee, I'm told all you have to do is pull down the visor toward the chin and when it lowers the filtration and the Music will automatically pause so you can have a conversation with other humans and then go back to your bionic world, something like that we should go over the headphones as well.

Now the company put a lot of engineering into the fit of the headphones. They say it distributes the weight over the sides of the head instead of right at the top. The padding over the ear creates a natural seal it's already going to block sound out that way but it has active noise cancelling technology which means it's working to cancel out the sound wavelengths around you and there are three modes.


Isolation mode is on the high end it's cancelling out the outside.

Sound conversation mode happens when you lower that visor and you need to chat with someone it'll amplify the conversation so it's not sounding muffled with headphones on.

Then there's transparency mode and that's for when you want to hear some background sound around you.

Now this product is targeted around solving pollution problems and the need for clean Air but of course we're all thinking about the Covid. The visor itself is not a mask so in the box Dyson is including a cloth mask insert it's been explained to me that this touches your cheeks it goes over your nose and it fits right into the visor for when you need to wear something that covers you more.


What is the filtration technology used in Dyson Zone?


Dyson is using something called electrostatic filtration Dyson which says it captures 99 of particle pollution and that includes dust, pollen, bacteria and some viruses anything that is as small as 0.1 microns and well the Covid virus is just about that size at .125 microns.

This is not a medical device it's not designed for this I mean Dyson can't claim it's going to suck away all the covert for you of course but clearly there are some elements of this that can align well with the possibility that you'll need to wear a mask, a face covering in the future because of Covid and you might want some fresh Air at the same time. I know I was thinking about it now you may not be used to seeing folks wearing Air purifying masks around town while commuting to work to combat smoke and dust but this could be more common soon.


A few companies have been releasing different masking solutions for the past few years back in early 2020 there was the EO Air it unveiled at CES it was touted as something helpful for those working in wildfire cleanup and there's also the Razer Zephyr this is another product we've seen recently at CES it forms a seal around the nose and the mouth and has replaceable Air Filters and a transparent design to see the mouth when someone's talking and there's the super mask it combines a helper fan filtration with attachable noise canceling earbuds that one sells for about $300.

We don't know yet how much the Dyson Zone is going to cost all we know is that it'll be coming out sometime later in the year in the fall and we will be sure to tell you all about it when we can try it on ourselves. In the meantime let me know all the questions you have about this and if you think it's something that you'll see in your future until then breathe easy and don’t forget to share this incredible tech info with your friends and family aswell.

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