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An Eye Opener Post for new Bloggers who start with | Why do new Bloggers fail?

Hello Friends, First of all this post is going to be different from all of our previous posts. As most of the subscribers of know that we provide latest and unique content related to technology world with our daily posts but today for a change we are gonna talk about some insights of writing these posts itself.


To start with my introduction, Hello, I am Ranveer, the guy behind this and two other similar tech related sites.(and this is the first time Iam revealing my identity on any of my sites) I started my blogging journey way back in 2010, the year when I had just completed my High school. Since then I’ve been experimenting on whole lot of different platforms from Blogger to Wordpress and Adsense to Affiliates in terms of earning. I guess with that experience, I think I have gained enough idea about how this whole blogging and earning thing works.

Earning money was never my first priority when I started blogging. I think it is just an outcome of your consistent work. Today I earn more than enough to live and manage a decent lifestyle with this very blog itself. All the Earnings from my other sites go into investment. Okay nvm, you are here not for my personal details but to get an insight of how do I manage Techronicle and all my other sites and what mistakes you can avoid in your blogging journey.

So talking about this very site Techronicle, I started this site back in 2020 when the whole world came to a standstill due to the global pandemic and lockdown. One day while surfing random Youtube videos, I stumbled upon this video of a famous Youtuber/Blogger who was stating that if you want to start a site and be successful online, there is no way you can do it with Blogger Blogspot and one must invest in Wordpress  if they want to earn money online through blogging.

I searched a little on the same topic and found more of such videos explaining how Blogger is dead and the only way to success and earn money is Wordpress or Hosting your own site and how Adsense does not approve your site if it is hosted on Blogger. This was all when I, myself currently had a site hosted on Blogger which was a pretty much dead site by now as I had stopped working on it since 3-4 years, but was still earning a decent three figure income every month with just Adsense.

After watching those videos and reading the comments in the comment box, I realized that almost everyone was convinced with what was stated in the video and many new bloggers who were students and wanted to start their passive income through blogging using Google Blogger were disappointed and demotivated. So since I was at home due to the ongoing lockdown, I thought of throwing myself a challenge which was:

  • To Start a Blog from Scratch Hosted on Blogger Blogspot.
  • To Write Some Quality Posts on the new Blog Daily for 3 Months.
  • To Drive an 100% organic traffic to this blog without any Ads or Social media.
  • To Apply for Google Adsense and see if I gets approved with this new Blog.
  • And to do all this without investing a single penny.

So that was the start of right there, yes, the very site you are reading this post on was started as an experiment two years back. So after giving this challenge to myself I made a to-do list for the new site and started a little research on what topic and niche this new site should focus on and since I am an Software Engineer, obviously my first choice was to start a blog on tech niche.

Following are the steps I followed before even starting

I thought of a niche which I was comfortable writing posts on

I searched for a free but really good third party theme for my new blog as you all know that the default themes are not that professional

Once I finalized my niche, I Created an account on Blogger with the name and

Wrote 7 posts on the Tech Niche and scheduled them for the upcoming week so that I can work on new ideas while Blogger releases a new post every day on my behalf.

 I followed the routine of posting every alternate day for like 15-20 days and since I had other sites to manage and also it was the last year of my Post Grad, I couldn’t stay consistent on this new blog.


Cut to four-five months later, one day I opened the Blogger dashboard of Techronicle which had a mere 16 posts posted and I was surprised to see that the lifetime traffic had crossed 50k with an average daily traffic of 500!

I didn’t expect this new blog to perform so well that too without any consistent work and with only 16 lifetime posts. The main thing was that it still was hosted on Blogger that too with a subdomain (

Now I thought I should really start work on this to complete my challenge and to earn atleast $1 via Adsense through this blog. But to do that, I thought, I at least needed a domain for the blog so that it looks professional.

Here was another problem, that I had promised myself to not spend a single penny on this blog, so I started some search on Google and found a domain registrar with was offering a .in domain free for the first year but we had to put out card details in order to continue for the next year. I immediately  registered and resumed my work on the blog.

Meanwhile, just to be clear, I didn’t create any social media handles for the new site unlike I do with my other sites.

I worked on the blog for another week or so and applied for Adsense when I had a total of 27 posts, within 24 hours my new Adsense account got approved and I was happy that I had busted this myth that Adsense no longer approves a site hosted on Blogger (Although I had to register for a top level domain)

As soon as I got my Adsense approved, I placed Auto Ads on my site. You know with Blogger, its really easy to manage your site whether it be with Adsense or Widgets or even blocking spam comments.

Techronicle was just an experimental blog for me, so I didn’t work on any SEO or Backlinks or promotion. All I did was just focused on was writing unique quality content and that’s all. So after getting the approval of Adsense and posting some 42 overall posts I kinda stopped working on this blog as I got busy with my PhD studies. This was back in mid 2021. As I was busy , I didn’t pay any attention on the traffic or Adsense earning of this new blog also this wasn’t my primary site so I kinda ignored it. Months passed by and on one fine day while I was visiting home, at start of this year (2022), I thought of checking the statistics of my blogger which was still logged on my Home Laptop.


Now here comes the best part, the statistics were shocking! With just some 42 lifetime posts, a site hosted on Blogger was doing absolutely great with an average 4-5k daily traffic and most importantly, It was inactive for 7-8 months. I even had forgotten the Adsense password of the site, which I had to retrieve using the ‘forgot password’ option.

You guys won’t believe it but my Adsense account all time earning was some $1300+ dollars (Update: $1367 to be exact) that was because 4 of my posts were doing extremely well. That was when I thought that I would start working on this blog and work consistently to gain 100% organic traffic.


So what conclusion can derive from this whole story of


  1. We don’t need an Professional Wordpress site to be Successful in Blogging.
  2. Sites hosted on Blogger Blogspot can also perform extremely well.
  3. We don’t necessarily need Backlinks, Promotion, Social Media in order to gain Traffic.


Things to keep in mind if you are a new blogger or wish to earn money through Blogging:


  • Rule 1: Be Consistent: Consistency is the key to be successful in the field of blogging.
  • Stay Patient: Blogging needs an immense amount of patience in order to earn that first dollar.
  • Always value your readers, don’t copy anyone, provide unique content.
  • In your initial days, never run behind Backlinks, promotions and all that stuff which diverts your attention from writing quality content.
  • Try to gain 100% organic traffic in the first 12 months of your site.
  • Never think or hope of earning for atleast initial 6-8 months of starting your site.
  • Never forget Rule 1, which is STAY CONSISTENT, if you stay consistent with your daily posts for minimum 6 to 8 months NO ONE can stop you from becoming successful in blogging and start earning from Adsense.


So that was my journey with this very site, I hope that you learned something from this and if you apply all the things I stated here, I promise that no one can ever stop you and if you want me to post such one to one content in future too, do let me know in the comment box below.

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