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Animal Crossing New Horizons all Egg Details for Bunny Day 2022 Event

Today we're taking a closer look at Bunny day more specifically the Egg spawns and Drop rates and going over everything you need to know about each Egg, including how many you'll need to find.

Now although Bunny day isn't until April 17th, So next Sunday, The Bunny day event is already underway having started on April 10th and of course both the Egg crafting materials and Bunny day DIY recipes have now begun spawning.


The exclusive Bunny day furniture and clothing items obtained during the event are probably the largest furniture set in the entire franchise. Consisting of 22 furniture items, 22 clothing items, one Craftable Fence and one Wand. So naturally you're going to need a whole bunch of Bunny day Eggs if you plan on crafting even half of these items. In fact if you were to craft one of each of these items you would need 202 Eggs in total and that's not including multiple Fences and things like that.

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Now that doesn't really sound like a lot given we have a week to collect them but some Egg types are rarer than others, mostly because some spawn in limited quantities, whereas others are continuously available.

Now there are Six different Egg types to find including, Earth, Leaf, Sky, Stone, Water and Wood Eggs. Each with different rarities and higher spawn rates in certain locations. So we'll break down each one going through the facts and figures as we go.

Earth Eggs

Now Earth Eggs can be found in dig spots and approximately six dig spots spawn in random locations around the New Horizons Island each day. These are very much a limited Egg type, as they won't respawn until the following day. However if you travel to Mystery Islands either using Nook Ma tickets or Captains Botors it is possible to find more dig spots.

Leaf Eggs

Leaf Eggs can be found on select hardwood trees with approximately three random trees spawning Eggs each day, with each tree containing three leaf Eggs. So Leaf Eggs are also considered a limited Egg type because typically you're looking at obtaining Nine Leaf Eggs per day. Like Earth Eggs, Leaf Eggs can also be found on mystery islands though.

Sky Eggs

Sky Eggs spawn inside special Bunny Day balloon presents that float across our skies. These balloons are independent from the usual balloon. Presents spawn more randomly and float faster through the skies, however as a rule you should easily be able to find at least one Bunny Day Balloon presence in between each normal balloon spawn.

new horizon all eggs

These are considered an unlimited Egg type as they spawn continuously throughout the day although some players do have more luck finding them than others. But this is likely due to how decorated islands are. With that said these can only be found on the New Horizons Island and don't spawn on Mystery Islands. It's also worth noting these don't spawn when you have other players visiting your island either.

Stone Eggs

Stone Eggs spawn randomly inside rocks and have only have a 20 chance of dropping every time you hit a rock. This not only makes Stone Eggs pretty rare but also a limited Egg type because we only have up to six rocks on the New Horizons Island at any one time. The good News is the drop rate for stone Eggs actually increases to 35% on Mystery Islands and Boat Tours making it a little easier to find them away from your Island.

Water Eggs

Water Eggs spawn inside Rivers, Ponds and of course the Sea and are probably one of the most likely Eggs you'll encounter given they have one of the highest spawn rates of 30 percent. Given they can continuously be found throughout the day for as long as you Fish, they are of course an unlimited Egg type. I'm not sure if the spawn rates increase on Mystery Islands for Water Eggs but they can be found there when fishing. So if for some reason you get bored of fishing on the New Horizons Islands, you can visit a Mystery Island to catch more.

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Wood Eggs

Wood Eggs are found inside tree trunks when hit with axes and are probably the most interesting Eggs. That's because the quantity that can be found very much depends on how many trees you have on your island, so are typically considered an unlimited Egg type. Wood Eggs have a 20% chance of spawning from Cedar Trees, a 20% chance of spawning from Hardwood trees including Money and Fruit trees but increase to a 45% chance of spawning from Palm trees . Of course wood Eggs can also be found on Mystery Islands and if the villages are to be believed, these rates also increase there too. So naturally alongside the Water Eggs the Wood Eggs are one of the easiest to find.


Anyway if you're looking to craft at least one of each of the Bunny Day items, you need 34 Earth Eggs, 34 Leaf Eggs, 33 Sky Eggs, 34 Stone Eggs, 33 Water Eggs and 34 Wood Eggs totalling 202 Bunny Day Eggs. Of course on top of the usual drop rates, these are randomized. So luck does play a part in how many you encounter. The good News is villagers often walk up to you and offer you free Eggs and you can even trade Eggs with Zipper on Bunny Day for different kinds. So even though some Eggs are rarer after a week of hoarding them you should have more than enough.

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What do you think about these spawns and are you glad Nintendo nerfed the spawn race compared to the launch version of Bunny Day. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below. As always thank you so much for reading and until next time have an amazing day. Stay Safe.

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