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Features All Homes should have | This things will make your House Smart

The modern world is filled with all sorts of technology that's built to make our lives easier, happier and better as a whole and this fact is especially true when it comes to what we find within our home.

home features

In today's post we're looking at 10 amazing features that every home should have.

Tesla roof tiles

Solar panels have been finding their way onto the roofs of homes for quite some time now but despite upholding a solid list of positives including helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and saving you money over time. There's no denying that they can be a serious eyesore. Tesla's rooftop solar tiles do exactly the same job as traditional solar panels which is to turn sunlight into electricity but instead of protruding out like an add-on accessory these solar tiles actually make up the construction of your roof allowing you to completely cover your rooftop without compromising the existing design of your home.

Tesla offers four different styles of solar roof tile textured, smooth, Tuscan and slate. All of which are manufactured using incredibly strong tempered glass making them up to three times more durable than the average roof tile. Installing these solar roof tiles in combination with a Tesla powerball will allow you to collect store and use green renewable energy for as long as the sun keeps shining with an initial investment of around 34,000 dollars for a two thousand square foot roof.

Installing Tesla roof tiles is competitive in price with other high-end roofing alternatives.

Self-cleaning windows

There are hundreds of great window cleaning products out there that make window cleaning easier from magnetic, double-sided cleaners to telescopic hose attachments but wouldn't it be better if you could skip the use of elbow grease altogether?

Self-cleaning windows are an incredibly useful feature to add to your home they work thanks to a very thin outer coating of titanium dioxide which is a white powdery compound commonly used to make things such as paint and toothpaste a bright white the 10 to 25 Nanometer deep coating is thin enough to go unnoticed but thick enough to keep your windows spotlessly clean without them ever needing to see a sponge or squeegee.


The coating works in two ways, firstly by reacting with daylight to break down organic dirt and secondly by making the glass hydrophilic or water loving. What this means is that instead of water droplets forming on the glass beading down and forming streaks, water molecules spread out evenly across the glass in a very even sheet so when rain hits the glass it spreads across it like a great big cloth cleaning it in the process. Self-cleaning glass is often used on skylights and conservatories however it can be used on any windows throughout your home.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the smartest way to create a warm and comfortable home the sort of welcoming environment that every homeowner desires. Underfloor heating effectively turns your entire floor into a great big radiator due to the system being so evenly spread out underfloor heating runs at far lower temperatures than other home heating methods while creating a more consistent environment this removes hot and cold spots from your home and also reduces energy bills while it's best to install underfloor heating at the time of building it can be retrofitted into an existing property by using a low profile electric system as opposed to a wet water-based system.

Although it should be noted that while electric underfloor heating can be cheaper and easier to install the overall running costs can be up to three times more costly.

Hidden swimming pools

We are sure that you're well aware that a swimming pool can make for a great improvement to any home but if you really want to stand out and take your leisure time to the next level then take a look at these amazing hidden pool systems suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Hidden swimming pools offer up all the fun of a regular pool but with so much more versatility when the pool's not in use the floor can be raised using a hydraulic lift system. The space can then be used for anything from a dining area to a dance floor or even a games room when your family and friends fancy a dip you can lower the floor and reveal a full sized pool at the press of a button.

You can also set the depth to accommodate smaller children and less confident swimmers hidden swimming pools are an incredible feature that will make better use of your space and make your home that much more versatile.

Alexa Home Hub

Many people have heard about Amazon's Alexa however very few actually understand what it can do for them and their home Alexa is the voice AI that speaks through Amazon's echo dot, echo plus and a few other third-party devices.

You'd be greatly mistaken into believing that Alexa is just a clever little gizmo that can set alarms and tell you the weather. Alexa is an incredibly interactive AI program that can help you to create a customizable living experience by connecting to your other smart household items.

alexa home hub

You can think of Alexa as a cloud-based personal assistant. She can order your items online, Narrate you a kindle book, find recipes online and offer you step-by-step instructions.

Alexa even has the ability to set up routines in which a single command will trigger a series of events. For example Alexa goodnight will shut off the lights, lock your front door, set the alarm for the following day and set your coffee pot to turn on 10 minutes after set alarm so that you can get your early morning coffee fix.

Amazon's adding new capabilities to Alexa nearly every day ensuring that she keeps up with the latest tech within your household.

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Pretty much everything is adopting the smart label. These days light bulbs included smart led light bulbs are an absolute must for any home and they are a relatively cheap upgrade that can make a huge difference to your setting the bulbs that can be found on the market today are incredibly compact. Perfectly bright and offer up excellent color representation. Smart bulbs do everything that a good light bulb should with the added feature of being fully adjustable through the use of an app or even simple voice command.

Hue, Brightness, Colour, Temperature, whatever lighting mood you need can be achieved with a smart light bulb there are plenty of studies explaining how various shades of white light with variations in color temperature directly impact our psychological state.

Cool light that's closer to blue has an energizing effect and is best in the morning, warm light is relaxing and is best after the sun goes down having these bulbs is not all about lighting your rooms up like a rainbow as they're also great for keeping your mood in check and maintaining a healthy Sleep-wake cycle.

Smart bulbs can run anywhere from between ten dollars for an unbranded single white light all the way up to two hundred and thirty three dollars for a three bulb Philips ambient starter kit.

Robot Hoover

Whether you're a clean freak or a once a week tidier the appeal of robotic vacuum cleaners speaks to us all, I mean who doesn't want perfectly manicured flaws without actually having to do any of the legwork! Currently available robotic vacuums are a far cry from the first models that always seem to get stranded, lost or run out of battery mid-run.

The latest models eagerly suck up anything in their path while following pre-mapped routes and layouts thanks to integrated AI. Once the daily rounds are complete they swiftly dump their load into a designated receptacle before finding their way back to the charging station. So they can reduce ready for the next day and the next and so on there are a ton of models out there ranging in price from just fifty dollars all the way up to around one thousand eight hundred dollars and like most things you get what you pay for however 150 will get you the Roomba red which is one of the most popular robotic coopers in the united states.

Smart Home Security System

Nothing is more important than the security of your home and there's no better way to put your mind at rest than by installing a smart security system smart home security systems connect your WIFI allowing you to monitor and control your security devices using your smartphone and an app. Entry level systems will usually include several sensors detectors and a central hub that will communicate with said devices using various wireless protocols most kits will also give you the option to build a comprehensive system that includes door locks, garage door openers, indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, lights, sirens, smoke detectors, water sensors and more. The better systems out there can be configured to follow certain rules for example you program the lights to turn on when motion is detected have your doors unlock when a smoke alarm goes off and have cameras begin recording when a motion sensor is triggered and if you really want to go all out some companies offer subscriptions to have your home surveyed 24X7 by professionals however that kind of service does come at a steep monthly cost.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart fridges are getting ever more popular by the day and are quickly becoming the next must-have home gadget.  Samsung's 2020 family Hubsmart refrigerator is amongst one of the best with an enhanced AI system. The family hub smart fridge offers a uniquely personalized experience that is individually tailored to your family's needs. First and foremost the family hub smart fridge is excellent at its main occupation which is keeping your food cool and fresh but it also houses many high-tech features that will breathe new life into your kitchen.


The ultra bright display or hub that sits on the front door acts as the motherboard of the whole operation and is where you can manage your family's schedules, play your favorite Spotify playlists, Share pictures, write shopping lists and so on.

One of the most notable features is the built-in camera that allows you to see inside without even having to open the door. The hub also displays the date, time, weather, personalized photos and even handwritten notes.

Expandable Table

For those living in smaller homes, saving space and making the most out of what you've got is an absolute necessity. Expanding tables offer up all of the practicality of a small table with the added flexibility of being able to expand into a far larger one if needed. Expanding tables in standard form can be as small as a two-seater but with a swift 360 degree spin can accommodate up to 10 or more diners in mere seconds.

The vast majority of expanding tables exhibit amazing craftsmanship and are beautifully designed using high-end materials which can really add to the aesthetic of your dining space.

You can also get electric expanding tables that transform at the click of a button making the transition even more effortless. So that was all in todays post. Hope you guys liked it and if you did, please share it with all your tech savy friends who might like this post as well. Until then do check out our other similar posts.

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