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Top 5 Most Advanced Futuristic Humanoid Robots of 2022

Less than 30 years ago advanced Robots were nothing but a hopeful dream and futuristic vision fast forward to today and thanks to the ever increasing advancements in science and technology these visions are genuine realities today we're looking at real-life Robots that will make you think that the future is now.



Sophia is a social humanoid Robot whose design centers around artificial intelligence created by Hanson Robotics company in Hong Kong. Sofia was activated on February 14th 2016 for the very first time. She made her first public appearance a month later at South by Southwest festival in Austin Texas United States. Sophia can function in many ways by using artificial intelligence visual data processing and facial recognition having cameras in her eyes allows this humanoid to follow faces, keep eye contact as well as recognize individuals. Sofia can also process speech and hold a conversation with the scripted replies that have been programmed within her.

first-Humanoid-Robot-Citizen-Sophia-in saree

Sophia is capable of more than 60 facial expressions that make her look incredibly real she also has a sense of humor and can express genuine feelings to make her more human-like. Sofia was upgraded with functional legs in 2018 so now not only does she stand just shy of 6 foot but she can move around at a top speed of 0.6 miles per hour. Sofia has been designed for the purpose of education research and entertainment she also helps promote public discussions regarding artificial intelligence, ethics and the future of Robotics amidst human society. Sofia has shown off her drawing abilities by drawing a portrait of the Prime Minister of Malaysia and a portrait of the blonde bombshell Holly Willoughby on October the 25th 2017.

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Sofia was granted full citizenship of Saudi Arabia the first ever Robot to be able to achieve this status the United Nations also presented Sofia with the title Innovation champion. Sofia is indeed a revolutionary Robot to say the least and there's a possibility of many more upgrades to follow. She certainly is an AI bought to keep your eye on.


Robocop remember the film? Well Robocop isn't just a fictional character in this Cyborg is real pal Robotics developed this one-of-a-kind Robot cop for the Dubai Police Force in May 2017 and it has been enjoying its full-time role ever since the Robocop is a life-sized Robot that independently patrols Dubai's city malls and tourist attractions keeping the streets safe and sound for people to enjoy people can report crime get information and pay fines by simply using the touchscreen display on Robos torso and if you find you're not satisfied with the Tech Bot then you can reach an actual human by pressing its SOS button. Robocop is even able to identify wanted criminals and collect evidence making it a real asset to the police department not just a fun gimmick.


Being multilingual means that it is capable of speaking many languages from all around the world including Arabic, English and Mandarin which is really important in such an internationally visited City. Robocop has been so successful in helping the citizens and police of Dubai but the local government is aiming to increase the size of its police force by 25% in the form of Robots by the year 2030.


Kuri is a tiny home Robot that is only 20 inches tall and 14 pounds in weight that's been designed by a United States-based company Mayfield Robotics. Kuri can smartly roll around the house avoiding obstacles by using integrated lasers to navigate and map its way around your home designed to specifically interact with humans. Kuri is the perfect addition to any household and adds almost like a little Robotic companion. This adorable bot roams around in your house just waiting to be interacted with.


Kuri responds to your voice, recognizes faces, plays music for you and even captures photos and videos of your memorable moments not only Kuri is a cute companion but this bot also does the work of a security guard by detecting intruders with its rotating security camera. Unlike most Robots Kuri has a genuine personality and isn't shy about this. Using a bright LED Kuri will display how she's feeling, letting everybody know if she's feeling angry sad or lovable. Kuri is a super high-tech companion Robot that could easily become your new best friend.

Toyota THR 3

The Toyota THR 3 is a third-generation humanoid Robot by Toyota but works by mimicking them and nervous of its human operator to control the Robot the operator is partnered up with a wearable controller that sends movement data to the THR 3 this means that any movement the operator makes, the Robot will make too.


The THR 3 has 29 body parts which includes 10 fingers and 16 master control systems which enables its movements to be natural and smooth. The incredible human-like movements is what makes this Robot so special and also so naturally useful to the Toyota THR 3 is currently being used within homes to help with mundane tasks in construction sites from moving heavy materials and even in disaster stricken areas to clear rubble and debris.

Standing at 5 feet 1 inch and weighing 75 kilograms the THR 3 is a friendly sized Robot that has been designed to be as unthreatening as possible although the Robotics team at Toyota has developed fantastic Robots in the past, the THR 3 is by far their most intelligent.


ASIMO holds the title for being the most socially advanced Robot in the world to date. It's a humanoid Robot that has gone through many stages of development since its creation way back in the year 2000. ASIMO stands for a foot and 3 inches tall and is loaded with useful talents it has the ability to recognize moving objects, carry out various gestures, understand sounds of words and fully acknowledge its surroundings due to the presence of several sensors in its body.


ASIMO is capable of carrying out actions and lifelike movements that most humanoids cant such as running, following you and turning to face you and approach from behind. ASIMO responds to its name when cold and can even recognize when a handshake is offered or when it's being waved to ASIMO will respond to you by nodding or speaking in an array of languages depending on what language you decide to greet him. ASIMO’s movements are controlled by a computer placed in the torso area and can be controlled by either a PC wireless controller or by simple voice command as it stands. The battery life is only one hour but this is due to be improved as mainstream use increases ASIMO is 20 years old making it one of the oldest cyborgs out there. Its current configuration is almost unrecognizable from the original edition someone can only wonder what it will look like in another couple of decades.

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