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What is the Viral Green Line test on Tiktok | Is the Green Line Test or Don't Lean In test Fake?

The Green Line Test, also known as Don't Lean In, is a Twitter trend that started as a parody of a discussion on the platform arguing that men leaning toward women in images reveals their neediness and weak thinking. Many people condemned the tweet for having a weak reasoning, while others made parodies by putting green lines over images of other persons, frequently celebrities, to reflect "weak" leaning.

what is the green light test

The green line test, which has been circulating on TikTok, is simply a warning to women not to date guys who lean in images. It basically argues that every single snapshot of a pair may confirm who is the boss in the relationship. The idea is to draw green lines over two people's postures and see which one is leaning into the other and which one is standing tall. Seriously, once you've done this, you'll never be able to fathom green lines on any romantic shot again. It's incredible. The green line test is explained in detail below.

Where did it all Start?

Twitter user @alpharivelino tweeted two similar photos of Icelandic strongman Hafór Jlus Björnsson (who played "The Mountain" in Game of Thrones) putting his arm around his partner Kelsey Henson on May 2nd, 2020. The user in the second image put green lines over their bodies to show that Björnsson was leaning towards his wife. "Don't lean in, powerful man!" he captioned the photo. The tweet received 950 likes and 130 retweets. 

Rivelino even had their own line of men's clothing, which consisted of a plain black t-shirt with a green line running down it. It was for this reason that the men were constantly urged to "stand up straight and not lean in." In a nutshell, men leaning in toward women in images make them appear "weak," and the belief has now spread to TikTok.

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He asserted in a series of tweets that males who lean toward women have a weak and needy mindset, based on the principle of neediness ""The feminine wants to lean into the masculine," he described sexual polarity as. She wishes to enter his world, to experience his might, to be protected by him, and to follow his instructions. Sexual attraction is built on the foundation of sexual polarity. Love is built on the foundation of sexual polarity."

The "green line rule" hypothesis, according to some, has swept over the internet and might disclose a lot about your relationship.
The "green line rule" states that the way a couple stands next to each other, especially while posing for photos, says a lot about their relationship and who's in charge.

Should I believe the Viral Green Line Test?

The test, however, is not substantiated by science. In fact, a Twitter user who has a history of debating pick-up techniques and conspiracy theories like the "red pill" originated the phrase.

According to the original notion, "when а man leаns into his girl, he reveаls thаt he feels needy аnd lower vаlue," as described in the tweets. He admits to having a negative attitude and relying on her.


"This is exactly what irritates her. She prefers a man who is strong and confident over one who is weak."

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The "green line rule" idea went viral on Twitter after it was introduced in 2020, but it was derided as much as it was embraced. It popularised the "Don't leаn in" meme, which criticised men who refuse to leаn in to their partners.

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