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What happend to Ranking Website? | Why was Alexa Ranking Discontinued and what are Alexa Rank Alternatives

Alexa Internet is a paid subscription service that delivers precise SEO analytics and insights. It was founded in 1996. On May 1, 2022, Alexa Internet's website research and analysing capabilities were decommissioned. The Alexa Rank score of the service was well-known among digital marketers. is officially discontinued

Amazon has announced that, its website ranking service that has been in operation for the past 25 years, will be shut down. The service, which offered a premium subscription with SEO research and analysis tools, would cease to provide website statistics and rankings. According to Amazon, after Alexa Internet is shut down, the service's API will be switched off by the firm in December 2022. Before the service is shut down, Amazon will allow customers to export their Alexa data.

The Alexa Rank score was once employed as a statistic to determine a site's popularity in the early days of search engine optimization (SEO). The score was incorporated in digital marketing programmes like Raven Tools to help SEOs examine websites. An SEO may consider contacting the site as part of their link-building efforts if the Alexa Rank score was high enough.

Amazon launched Alexa Internet in April 1996, and the Alexa Traffic Rank (or Global Rank) is the service's most prominent indicator, which gives consumers an estimate of a website's popularity. Customers will be able to export their data and deactivate their accounts in advance of the shutdown. Meanwhile, according to Bleeping Computer, the service's APIs will be decommissioned in December 2022.

Because most SEOs viewed the Alexa Rank score to be a basic and erroneous metric, it became obsolete over time. Instead, they started using Google's PageRank score to determine the trustworthiness and authority of a website. However, PageRank was only used for a brief time before Google discontinued releasing it in 2016. This led SEOs to look for new site metrics or reconsider their use of Alexa Rank.

Why was Alexa Internet Shut Down?

While Alexa Internet was shut down for no apparent reason, the study cites data from traffic and marketing analytics firm Semrush that reveals the service's own traffic has been steadily declining over time. At the time of publication, Alexa Internet's Facebook and Twitter profiles had not yet been updated to announce the shutdown.

Despite the fact that Alexa Rank had become obsolete, it was still integrated into several digital marketing apps and used by a small percentage of link builders around the world. Those software businesses were compelled to delete Alexa Rank from their programmes, and link builders who still used it were forced to switch to a different site score. There are many of superior Alexa Rank options available, which is good news for marketers.

why was alexa ranking discontinued

Several software vendors were prompted to generate new measurements as a result of the SEO site metrics gap. Today, SEOs employ a variety of site metrics, with the following being the most popular:

Alexa Rank alternatives

Ahrefs Rank (AR): The Ahrefs Rank compares a target site's backlink profile to those of other sites in Ahrefs' database, with #1 being the most powerful.

Authority Score (AS): The SEMRush Authority Score assesses a domain's overall quality and SEO impact.

Citation Flow (CF): The Citation Flow score from Majestic is based on the number of citations to a certain URL or domain.

Domain Authority (DA):
The Domain Authority score from Moz determines how likely a site is to rank in search engine results. The score is based on a 100-point scale, with higher scores indicating a higher chance of ranking.


Domain Rating (DR): On a 100-point scale, Ahref's Domain Rating compares the strength of a target site's backlink profile to that of other sites in Ahref's database.

Page Authority (PA): Page Authority is a statistic developed by Moz that predicts how well a page will rank in search engine results. The score is based on a 100-point scale, with higher scores indicating stronger ranking skill.

Trust Flow (TF): The quantity of links from a seed set of trusted sites to a certain URL or domain is weighted in Majestic's Trust Flow score.

URL Rating (UR): On a scale of one to one hundred, Ahref's URL Rating measures the strength of a target page's link profile.

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