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Inside the Extravagant Life of Jeff Bezos: From Private Submarines to Scouring the Ocean Floor!

Have you ever wondered what the daily routine of one of the world's wealthiest individuals looks like? Well, look no further! In this article, we'll delve into the fascinating life of Jeff Bezos, the second richest person on the planet, after his departure from the helm of Amazon. Prepare to be amazed as we uncover the exciting hobbies, unique preferences, and intriguing ventures that make up his extraordinary routine. Let's dive in!


Rise and Shine

When it comes to waking up, Jeff Bezos is not a fan of alarm clocks. Instead, he prefers to let his body dictate his waking time. Bezos recognizes the importance of a good night's sleep, making it a priority to get a solid eight hours of rest. In an interview with Ariana Huffington's Thrive Global, Bezos revealed that sufficient sleep has a significant impact on his well-being. He even jokingly remarked that less sleep makes him moody—an undesirable trait for a decision-maker. As a senior executive, Bezos believes in making a small number of high-quality decisions, rather than overwhelming himself with countless choices.


Love, Real Estate, and Extravagance

In the realm of relationships and real estate, Jeff Bezos has had some intriguing experiences. No longer beside his ex-wife Mackenzie, Bezos is often found in the company of his new partner, Lauren Sanchez. An accomplished helicopter pilot and an Emmy-winning journalist, Sanchez adds a dynamic element to Bezos' life. Their romantic escapades have taken them to various corners of the world, including a remote Hawaiian ranch, which Bezos acquired for a staggering $78 million.

But the allure of Hawaii is just a tiny part of Bezos' extensive real estate holdings. As the 25th largest landowner in the United States, he boasts a collection of properties that would make anyone's jaw drop. From the legendary nine-acre Jack Warner estate in Los Angeles, complete with a nine-hole golf course, to clusters of mansions in Beverly Hills and New York, Bezos has a penchant for luxury and opulence. Not to forget his Washington D.C. mansion, which is the largest in the city and comes with a neighboring mansion, just for good measure.


Morning Puttering and Family Time

Mornings in the life of Jeff Bezos are relatively relaxed affairs. He enjoys puttering around, taking things easy as the day begins. Reading the newspaper, sipping a cup of coffee, and having breakfast with his children are essential rituals for Bezos. While details about his kids remain largely private, we do know that his eldest, Preston, attends or attended Princeton University. Bezos is a devoted father, cherishing these morning moments with his children before they head off to school.


Fitness and Work

Being in great physical shape doesn't come without effort, even for someone like Jeff Bezos. While the specifics of his workout routine are unknown, it's safe to assume that he dedicates time to maintaining his physique. After all, tech nerds don't achieve a ripped physique without lifting a few weights.

When it comes to work, retirement from Amazon doesn't mean Bezos' inbox is any less full. His high IQ meetings take place before lunch, as he knows that mentally challenging tasks require his utmost concentration. By 5 pm, Bezos acknowledges when his mind is no longer at its peak, choosing to postpone demanding decisions until the following day. At Amazon, he emphasized the importance of work-life harmony rather than striving for an elusive work-life balance. To excel at Amazon, he believed that putting everything into it was crucial.


Work-Life Harmony and The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos has left an indelible mark on the media landscape by acquiring The Washington Post. This acquisition for $250 million in 2013 positioned Bezos at the forefront of the media versus Trump administration conflict that escalated after the 2016 election. Despite these challenges, Bezos has taken a hands-off approach to the paper's daily operations. Martin Baron, the outgoing editor of The Washington Post, has lauded Bezos as a proprietor who refrains from interference. Under Bezos' ownership, the paper has thrived, expanding its newsroom with over 200 additional journalists and solidifying its reputation as a powerhouse in the industry.


Space Dreams and Environmental Philanthropy

Bezos' dreams extend beyond the bounds of Earth. His space exploration company, Blue Origin, aims to expand human civilization beyond our planet. Concerned about the state of our environment, Bezos believes that preserving Earth as a nature reserve is crucial. Blue Origin seeks to build massive space stations, allowing humans to inhabit these celestial outposts while ensuring the preservation of our home planet. Since stepping down as Amazon CEO, Bezos has dedicated a substantial portion of his time and resources to this ambitious vision.

Environmental conservation is also a significant focus of Bezos' philanthropy. Through the Bezos Earth Fund, he has set aside $10 billion to support practical initiatives, policy design, and green tech incubators. At the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, Bezos met with renowned environmentalists Prince Charles and Prince William to announce a new $2 billion pledge for soil fertility and carbon sequestration initiatives in Africa. Despite the complexities surrounding his personal environmental impact, Bezos' dedication to environmental causes remains unwavering.


Unique Hobbies: Rocket Relics and Star Trek

Jeff Bezos' hobbies reflect his curiosity and unique interests. One of his most eccentric pastimes involves scouring the ocean floor for jettisoned rocket parts from the Apollo era. Equipped with remote-controlled submarines, Bezos and his family embark on multi-day expeditions to hunt down these historical relics. The underwater landscape reveals an enchanting sculpture garden of twisted F1 engines, remnants of a bygone era of space exploration. While identifying specific mission components can be challenging due to missing or partially missing serial numbers, Bezos finds immense joy in these deep-sea expeditions.

In addition to his maritime adventures, Bezos is an avid Star Trek fan. He even went as far as paying for a cameo appearance as a Starfleet official in "Star Trek Beyond." Furthermore, he fulfilled a childhood dream by sending his boyhood hero, William Shatner, into space aboard a Blue Origin rocket earlier this year. Bezos' enthusiasm for space exploration extends beyond mere curiosity; it has become an integral part of his life.


Culinary Adventures and Philanthropic Ventures

While Bezos' dietary preferences are not extensively documented, he has shown a willingness to embrace unconventional cuisine. At an Explorer's Club dinner in New York, he indulged in iguana meat, drawing attention to the fact that iguanas have become an invasive species. The dinner's menu catered to wealthy patrons, featuring dishes such as python, crickets, tarantulas, cockroaches, and even a jellyfish salad. It seems that Bezos isn't one to shy away from unique culinary experiences.

In addition to his adventurous palate, Bezos is also actively involved in philanthropic endeavors. Through the Day One Fund, he has committed $2 billion to combat homelessness and improve early childhood education in the United States. Notably, Bezos takes a hands-off approach to these funds, allowing recipients to utilize them without excessive restrictions.


A Day in the Life of Jeff Bezos: Dreams, Philanthropy, and Adventure

In summary, a day in the life of Jeff Bezos is a diverse mix of dreams, philanthropy, and adventure. With his retirement from Amazon, he has embraced new passions, such as space exploration with Blue Origin. Bezos' dedication to preserving Earth and expanding human civilization beyond our planet highlights his concern for environmental sustainability. Furthermore, his involvement with The Washington Post and his commitment to philanthropic causes demonstrate his multifaceted interests and desire to make a positive impact on the world.

So, what would your ideal day look like if you were Jeff Bezos? Share your thoughts and aspirations in the comments below! And don't forget to subscribe for more fascinating content that delves into the lives of remarkable individuals.




Does Jeff Bezos still work at Amazon?

No, Jeff Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO earlier this year. However, he remains involved with the company and supports its current CEO, Andy Jassy.


What is Blue Origin?

Blue Origin is Jeff Bezos' space exploration company. It aims to make space travel more accessible and sustainable while ultimately expanding human civilization beyond Earth.


What are some of Jeff Bezos' philanthropic endeavors?

Jeff Bezos has pledged significant amounts of his wealth to various philanthropic initiatives. His notable contributions include the Bezos Earth Fund, which focuses on environmental conservation, and the Day One Fund, dedicated to tackling homelessness and improving early childhood education.

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