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How your Smartphone is destroying your eyes! and How to stop it

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Almost all of us have at a point in time where someone has said
"don't need a screen for too long because your eyes will go square" or
"somehow some way you'll lose your eyesight entirely"
Well I've got good news and I've got bad news
As it turns out there is no substantial evidence at all that your phone or laptop is doing any long-term damage to your eyes but the short-term effects shouldn't be underestimated
Therefore I kind of wanted to write a post that you could read just once and use it to prevent all manner of eye problems in one go
and I'm not here to do the obvious thing and just to say "use your phone less!"
no one wants to hear that, so with that being said lets know more about it.
Have you ever finished a long day of work or a binge session on YouTube or Netflix or Amazon Prime only to find your vision isn't as sharp?
Well you've got a bit of a headache, Slight difficulty focusing, or your eyes are just itchy and you want to rub them ?
These are just a few of the potential issues that can be caused by screens and in recent years this has evolved.

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Because it's not just your computer screen anymore. People come home from long days looking at laptops or computers at work to long evenings looking at their phone screens and for me as a Tech Reviewer you can probably imagine it's a pretty big deal!
I go from looking at a screen on my PC when I'm Searching Information for you guys to read and enjoy,
To looking at a screen on my laptop when I'm writing those,
To looking at the screen off my phone when I'm posting something
So because these displays are such an integral part of our lives, it's a good idea to know how to use them correctly.
Okay, so what are the causes of these problems?


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You've probably heard about blue light in one sense of the word and how it can be disruptive but there are actually two sides to the coin a blue light can suppress the production of melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone that originates from a more primitive origins so there's that but also compared to red light blue has a short wavelength and higher energy and this type of light scatters more easily and therefore requires a lot more effort from your eyes to focus.
This kind of light and this exacerbates what is known as digital eye strain so use a blue light filter all the time if it doesn't bother you and at least just at night if it does something I see just about every single person doing on some kind of level is having a display that is too bright or too dark and this leads to muscle fatigue.

Generally automatic brightness will solve this problem but on some devices companies set it to overcompensate so the screen looks more impressive.
Be aware of this, your display should be about the brightness of the room you are in to the point where it is not illuminating your surroundings
If it is it's too bright and it's gonna irritate your eyes even on minimum brightness most phones are too much at nighttime so use an application to dim setting.


Small Childrens Watching Laptop in classroom

Blinking moistens and refreshes and the normal blink rate is about 18 times per minute but when you look at a computer screen this falls to about 5 so for this make a conscious effort to blink which of course sounds like a crazy idea given how much of an intuitive process blinking is meant to be but if you start just integrating 5 seconds of shut-eye every 10-20 minutes that's really enough to help.


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Your eyes are biologically wired to look straight ahead or slightly down. Try it, you'll notice that these are the positions that your eyes will naturally rest in and looking any other direction your muscles are in continuous strain this actually means that when you are craning over to look at a phone that is directly below you you're actually not doing your eyes any harm because your eyes are looking pretty much straight ahead or slightly down but then think about your neck.

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So as a solution for this as a bit of a middle ground, hold your phone just a little bit further in front and a little bit below another thing which surprises a lot of people is that having a screen too close or too far can create issues if you hold your hand two inches from your face and try focusing on it you'll realize it's pretty uncomfortable.

The 20-20-20 rule

20-20-20 rule vector Techronicle

You might have heard of it something called the 20-20-20 rule and it means
every 20 minutes look at something, that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds and that is the minimum amount of time for your eyes to relax. There's a recent study that recommends sixteen inches is about how far you should hold your phone away if you start to move closer than this you'll be experiencing a similar effect to a little hand experiment.
Then there is another consideration trying to distinguish small objects like text on your phone will also strain your vision so you might be thinking I can't win here I've got to hold my phone further away but then, I can't read the text that's on it the solution to this or at least the best compromise you can reach is use a larger font on your phone by default. Most phones are set up in a way that would probably be hard to read as 16 inches.
So just turn this size up a little bit at the same time to give your eyes a bit of a break from all this closed focusing optometrists have comp with a bit of a roll.


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This post wasn't meant to scare you in fact if anything what you can take from this is that in terms of long term problems you're actually pretty safe looking at displays but implement just a few of the things we have talked about here, you can save yourself from all kinds of irritation itchy eyes and headaches both literal and metaphorical.

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So yeah I hope you guys found this post useful and if you did please do comment what you think about this topic in the comments box below, It'll be really really appreciated. Also do visit our social media handles where we share all kinds of Tech related information, memes, facts, history and pretty much everything tech that you will definitely like. Thanks for reading, Take Care of your eyes ;) Tata.