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Boat Aavante 1160 Soundbar full Review | Audio Quality Coaxial Cable for Boat Soundbar

Boat Aavante 1160  Design Review

Hello Friends, today we will take a look at how is the latest soundbar from Boat naming the Aavante 1160. Is it worth buying? What is the pricepoint? How is the sound quality? We will answer all this questions in todays post so keep on reading.
We got a lot of request to review a budget soundbar for their TV as we all know that most of the inbuild TV speakers don’t sound that great. The reason I choose to review this one is its price which is just RS 3999. Not only is it going to enhance your TV sound experience but you can also use this as a standalone music player. So lets know more about this Boat Aavante 1160 Soundbar.

Boat Aavante 1160 Soundbar Box

The retails Box of the Boat Aavante 1160 soundbar comes with a picture of Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan.

Boat Aavante 1160  Review Box

On top of the box it says:
  • Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 with USB, Coaxail and Aux compatible.
  • 2.25” X 4 Dynamic Drivers
  • Fit for multiple forms of Entertainment
  • HD 60W R.M.S. Boat Signature Sound
  • Easy operational controls and remote
  • Sleek Premium finish
  • 2.0 Channel Surround Sound

Boat Aavante 1160  Review Accessories

Inside the Box we get:
  • The Soundbar Itself
  • 3.5 to 3.5 mm Aux cable
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual
  • 1 year warranty card
  • Some Metal Brackets with screws in case you want to wall mount the soundbar
  • Remote Control with 2 AAA Batteries

Boat Aavante 1160 Soundbar Build Quality

The Soundbar is 35 inches in length and 3 inches in height. It has a metal honeycomb design grill on the front with the Boat branding in the center. On the top is a glossy finnish. Overall the build quality is good and feels quite premium.
On the Right side we have the power On/Off button along with the volume UP and Down button and a 3.5 mm Aux in.
On the Back we get a USB port, Coaxial digital input and the Power port.

Boat Aavante 1160 Ports

At the bottom this Boat Aavante Sound bar gets rubber feet so it gets a good grip on the table and doesn’t shake
When we power on the soundbar we get a red led indicatior at the front which indicates that the soundbar is on standby mode.
After pressing the power button on the remote to turn it on the Blue led light starts blinking which indicate Bluetooth paring mode in on.
You can pair any Mobile, Laptop or Tablet pretty much anything that supports Bluetooth connectivity to this Boat Aavante Soundbar.
Once its connected to a Bluetooth Device, Coaxial input or AUX input, the Indicator light turns Green.
When you plugin a Pendrive the indicator turns Purple.

Boat Aavante 1160 Soundbar Connectivity

In order to connect this Soundbar to check the sound output I used an Sony TV for the demo and connected it via a S/PDIF Coaxial cable, you can also connect it via a 3.5 mm headphone jack or even via your TV’s Bluetooth.
The Aux cable is provided in the box but youll have to buy the Coaxial Cable separately.
In order to connect, you have to go into the audio settings of your TV and change the audio output from Speaker to S/PDIF

Boat Aavante 1160  Connectivity

Now to connect the Boat Soundbar via Bluetooth to your phone, you just have to toggle to the Buletooth setting by pressing the input button on the remote, Press the pair button and the Bluelight starts blinking.
Now you can find the Boat Soundbar name in you smartphones Bluetooth settings, simply click it and it pairs.
The best part of connecting this Soundbar via Bluetooth to your phone is that you can change the tracks using the remote. So you just have to set up a playlist and forget about your phone.
The remote does all the job flawlessly. It even Plays,Pause and switch between tracks effortlessly.
You can also plug in your pendrive which has mp3 format songs on it and it starts playing instantly.
Theres also option of an Aux input to connect it using 3.50Aux cable to your phone.
The remote comes with four preset equalizer options
And 3D which creates nice surround effect

Boat Aavante 1160 Soundbar Audio Quality

So firstly, its miles better than any TV Speaker, while testing the audio, I played a trailer on my TV and enabled the movie equalizer mode.
I noticed that the highs and the mids are really good, crisp and clear.
The Bass is not like the one we usually get when a sub woofer is connected, but it is quite decent, you can hear the beat but will not feel it.
But overall the Bass is much better than what I expected. It creates a good sound experience when you are watching an action scene. We could differentiate between the left and right channel which is really good considering its size.

Boat Aavante 1160  Television

Also you can control the Treble and Bass levels from the Remote as per your preference.
I would recommend you to keep both the Treble and Bass at half to get a more balanced sound.
Overall the sound quality is quite good if you want to enjoy movies or dramas on this Soundbar .
Coming to the Music quality, firstly it gets quite loud. I switched the Boat Soundbar to Music mode while playing music and it made the audio sound far more richer.

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Excellent mids and highs for its size. Surprisingly the Bass is also above average even though there is no separate subwoofer. Actually I expected it to be a lot flatter but it sounded pretty good.
You wont ever use your TV speakers again, if you have this.
This Boat Aavante Soundbar also comes with a news equalizer mode which basically enhances the vocals which comes very handy at times


Although there are some minor cons such as the missing optical input and the overbright LED indicator but its not a deal breaker. Overall for the price of RS 3999, its hard to complain.

Boat Aavante 1160  Remote Settings

The good sound quality compensates for all the cons. So for those who are looking for better sound experience for their TV’s and don’t want to spend much then this Boat Aavante 1160 Soundbar is a really good option. Even if you want to listen to music via Bluetooth, it couldn’t be easier. Its super convenient for small house parties. I recommend this for anyone searching for a budget soundbar with excellent sound quality. Click on the Amazon Links below to buy this Boat Soundbar right now.

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