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Dizo Watch S full review, specifications, price and features

I've been using the new Dizo Watch S for a couple of days now. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a smart band but when I kept it side by side, I realized it's more like a rectangular smart watch and clearly not a band. I'm sure you can notice the difference too in fact I'd say it's the perfect combo since it's slimmer it feels lighter and is very comfortable. Packed with features like 110 sports modes, 150 watch faces, heart rate sensor, Sp02 sensor, all the bells and whistles and still priced at just Rs. 1999. So let's dive in deeper; we'll have a closer look at it and we'll see how it performs.

Dizo Watch S full indetail Review (1)

Overall Design of the Dizo Watch S

Alright let's start with the build and design. Now the first thing to notice is that this comes with a rectangular design which looks really nice. The frame is made of metal and comes with a nice silver finishing which looks very premium. If you look carefully, it's also a little curved which provides a very good grip when you wear it. We get soft silicone straps and the strap is a little light blue or powder blue, it's just a hint of blue and looks really cool. The straps come with a buckle design in which the buckle itself comes with a chrome finish DIZO branding on the loop.

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Moving towards the back, you’ll see that it comes with the heart rate sensor, the spo2 sensor and the charging terminals. The back though is made of polycarbonate but still nice. Now these are 20 mm bands that can be replaced by just pulling the hook and its very simple and convenient. If you look on the side you can actually see there's a single button and again, the build quality truly impressive which looks very premium.

Pairing the Dizo Watch S with Phone

In order to quickly pair it, you’ll need to take your phone and download the DIZO app, now this app is available on both Play Store for Android and the App Store for IOS devices. Log in with your credentials, then take the watch, press the button on the side there will be a soft vibration and the DIZO name will show up. Take your phone, scan the QR code on the display, confirm it again on the watch and you're done; ready to use.

Features of the Dizo Watch S

The watch comes with IP68 certification which means it's protected from dust or any sort of water damage. In fact it even comes with swim tracking, so it's safe to say that you can wear this watch all the time and literally everywhere. Alright talking about the display, the first thing you need to know is the Dizo watch S comes with a 1.57 inch LCD display with a resolution of 320X200 pixels.

Dizo Watch S full indetail Review Display

The bezels on the three sides; on the right, on the top and on the left are super slim, the display goes almost till the edges. The bottom bezel is a little noticeable but it's amazing to see edge to edge display in such a budget watch.

Interface of the Dizo Watch S

The Dizo Watch S has got a very smooth interface. You can swipe from up to access notifications, you can swipe from right to access your quick toggles like do not disturb, adjust the brightness but sadly there is no option to auto set the brightness, then there is auto wake toggle this on and off, there's a torch where the display turns white you can use it as a torch, Then there's settings, you have dial in, four or five preset watch faces.

Dizo Watch S full indetail Review Interface

The color reproduction is also pretty good even though its an LCD display, it's pretty vibrant and it also gets bright enough at 550 nits peak brightness. When you swipe from down, you can access the menu, it's activity workouts and if click on it, here you have about 15 workouts, we'll come to that a little later. Activity records heart rate, spo2, sleep tracking information, weather, breathe training, music, alarms and the best part is you can set the alarm directly from here you don't even need to go to the app for that, I personally loved that feature. Then there's timer, the stopwatch, there's remote cameras using which you can use your phone's camera to take pictures directly from here. We get find phone settings, watch faces, language, you can adjust the brightness screen time 10 seconds, 5 seconds and 15 seconds where maximum you can set is 15 seconds; which i think is pretty good.

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Then we get different menu styles, you can turn that to grid style, now personally I’m not a fan of the grid style but some of you might like it because it gets kind of confusing at times. Then you get vibration alerts, raise the wrist to wake, QR code, power off and reset and about. So overall I can say that the interface is really smooth, very responsive, good color reproduction with  no problems at all.


Coming to the battery, this Dizo Watch S is packed with a 200 mAh battery and DIZO claims it should last for 10 days with typical use. But in my experience, I'd say you'll get around five to seven days easily. See battery life varies on how you use the watch. Brightness levels, notifications, sports modes, watch faces there's so much else but yes I can say that you'll get five days easily even with heavy use.

Usability of the Dizo Watch S

First of all, let me tell you that the buckle design looks very nice and provides even a very good fit. I loved the Blue color of the review piece I had. This blue color it's such a subtle, nice, sweet color. Special mention to the design of the watch, the curved design feels so ergonomic providing even a better fit.

When I tested the health monitoring features starting with the heart rate sensor, it showed 78. Now while checking out the spo2, make sure you're wearing the watch nice and tight so that it provides as accurate reading as possible. There's also the breathe training app, there's so much more to do when it comes to health tracking. The heart rate sensor and the spo2 sensor seem to be quite accurate but I always say that use these readings just for reference and not for medical purposes. The idea is to give you a rough overview but you can't completely depend upon them.

Dizo Watch S full indetail Review Dizo Smartphone App

The DIZO Watch S comes with 110 sports modes but when you go into the workouts you can find outdoor run, indoor run and you can find about different modes. Even swimming is available, also if you need to add more, all you need to do go into the DIZO app and then you come into more sports, there you will find all the sports modes. So suppose you want to add something like Rugby, you click on it and you click on synchronize and the workout will be pushed on the watch. So you can keep sports modes that you need and the ones you don't need, you can actually remove which is very helpful.

Now suppose you start your outdoor workout, it'll do a countdown and it will show you your heart rate, the distance, the steps taken, the speed, the duration and once your workout is done, you press a button to either continue or pause or if you press stop, you can shut off.

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We also receive callers with vibration and it's almost instantaneous with no delay. You can see the caller's name, an option to reject the call or even silent the ringer. Similarly, app notifications are pushed to your watch which are really quick too. You can see the app icon, the sender's name and also read the message although you can only dismiss it and there's no way to reply.

The DIZO App Features

Once you come to the DIZO app, right on the top on the home page you can see the steps taken. If you click inside, you can see more details, goals achieved, calories burned. Then there is the dial center which is watch faces. If you come in here you can see all the newest watch faces that you can custom set. You get a huge collection of watch faces available and I know a lot of people really like custom watch faces so for that you can go into custom, you can click on background image, you can go to your album, click on the image click, select click, sync dial and there you go custom watch face right on your watch. Moving back you can see your sleep duration, your heartbeat, your spo2 coming to records. You'll see your workouts, battery percentage, switch center, you can choose the camera, take pictures directly from the watch, you can turn on notifications, choose from which apps you want notifications and from which apps you don't. You get call reminders, reminder settings, heart rate settings, you can see all day monitoring etc.

Dizo Watch S full indetail Review Heart Rate Sensor


So the DIZO Watch S is pretty impressive when it comes to features and performance but the review is not complete without talking about its cons, well there's actually just one for me. I wish this watch came with an AMOLED display so that we would have got an always-on mode and probably even better battery life but I can understand for a watch that's priced at Rs. 1999 that would be too much to ask for so I won't even call this a con. Rest it takes all the goodies, we get a big display, we get metal built, we get 110 sports modes, all the health tracking features, a good companion app, 150 watch faces all just for 1999. It's already an unbelievable price; by the way this is just an introductory offer, soon this price would go up to Rs. 2299. Now this DIZO Watch S will be going on sale on 26th of April, So I suggest you get one asap. I hope this post was helpful, if there are any questions put them down in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them all and don't forget to like share this post with your friends and subscribe to our email newsletter.

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