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Samsung QD-OLED TV The best Television in the world from Samsung

Hey everybody this is pretty exciting, today we are going to talk about Samsung's OLED television. We had the S95B, it's the first OLED television that Samsung's made since 2013. Let's call it the only Samsung OLED television. They make a bunch of QLED televisions, but this is the first to use organic light emitting diode technology and the Samsung brand.


So this Television has a QDOLED panel brand new for 2022, that's quantum dots combined with the picture quality of OLED. I expect it to be among the best performing Televisions of the year, perhaps ever. Probably the best performing Television Samsung has ever made.

Now Samsung positions this Television a little bit lower in their line up in terms of pricing especially than their 8K models. So this Television is only available in a 55 and 65 inch size, no smaller or larger sizes.

Competitors in OLED namely LG have a lot larger range of sizes and a lot different price points. So what Samsung has done here they've positioned this Television a little bit less expensive than you'd expect for a first generation OLED technology. The 55-inch model is $2200 the 65-inch model is $3000 that's directly the same price as LG's G2 models of television. So LG has talked about improved picture quality this year as well. When I get these in the lab I'll put them head to head and see how they look subscribe to Techronicle so that you never miss that post. Again what Samsung is claiming with this QD-OLED technology is improved colour. They're also saying it's slightly brighter than previous OLED technologies so you get that incremental improvement and also if you're a Samsung brand type of person you want that Samsung brand. They do have this available in an OLED screen technology so that's a plus if that's what you want.

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So beyond the OLED panel it also uses Samsung's processing including a Neural 4K processor , they say is improved for this year which is similar processor that is found on their other televisions. It also has Samsung's range of smart Television technology including their brand new version of Tizen, a brand new gaming hub shipping a little bit later this year to appeal to gamers and all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a high-end Television including HDMI 2.1 and even yes Samsung's Solar remote.


So of course all those extras are a little bit beside the point the real story here is the QD-OLED panel on this television, hope to get a closer look a little bit later but this is the first time I had seen it in the real world. Now as I mentioned Samsung also has a bunch of QLED Televisions on sale in 2022. I don't expect the picture quality to match that of the S95B OLED Television but they've still made some improvements that I got to see in person at Samsung showroom for the first time.

First up is an improved version of The Frame, Samsung's unique Television designed to display digital art the idea is to hang the Television on the wall like a painting and when it's not showing Television shows or movies it shows paintings or photographs from Samsung's digital art store.

New for 2022 is a screen finish that's more matte than before and to my eyes it really did reduce reflections from light in the room, making the painting look even more like a canvas and less like a Television. Pretty cool!

The new matte screen is available on the frame as well as Samsung's 2022 Serif and Cerro lifestyle televisions. Samsung also has a full line up of 8K models and the company showed off 65-inch and 85-inch versions of the QN800B series which is shipping now.

This is Samsung's ‘entry-level 8K QLED model for 2022’ but it's still really expensive $3500 bucks for the 65 inch size which is $500 more than the company's OLED Television.

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As a reminder, I don't think 8K is worth the investment now because there's still very little 8K content available and no signs of that changing anytime soon.

samsung qdled television

The 800B has mini LED backlighting technology and should deliver a bright punchy image with 4K and lower resolution content but I don't expect much improvement over the company's cheaper 4K QLED models like the QN90B, the successor to my favorite non-OLED Television of last year.

Compared to OLED Televisions like Samsung's own S95B or 2022 models from LG which cost a lot less than these 8K Televisions. Even in the 80 inch plush screen sizes I think QLED will again play second fiddle. So that was a quick look at some of Samsung's 2022 televisions from its Newyork event space including its brand new OLED Television. I look forward to reviewing them soon in my lab at Techronicle so stay connected for the full review. Until then do check out our similar related posts.

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