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The 2022 Infinix X3 43 inch Smart TV Full Review, Should We buy this TV?

So Infinix recently launched the X3 series Smart TV. We had the 43 inch full HD variant with us. Now when we saw the specs of this TV, we were impressed but when we saw the price, it surprised us. So we get a 43 inch Full HD Smart TV with the bezel-less design we get 400 nits of peak brightness and we know a lot of you want to know about that. Then it comes with 36 watt sound output it's running the latest Android TV 11 OS and it's priced at just RS 19999 or $265. With those specs and that pricing it would probably be the easiest full HD TV to recommend but wait let's see how it translates into real world use. 


So here we had the retail packaging of the Infinix X3 Smart TV. The branding in the center, below built-in Chromecast and Dolby audio logos, on the right is three-star power sticker rating which is good enough. On the side you can see the contents of the box, the MRP which is 26,999 or $357 customer care contact and some manufacturing details.

Whats in the Box?

So here's everything that you get inside the box, first is the TV itself then you have some paperwork right on the top is the warranty policy card you have the QR code at the back, then you have the user manual, then you have the stand installation guide, then here are two stands matte finish plastic build, Pretty functional nothing bad, nothing great either. Then you have four screws to mount those stands. Then you have two AAA batteries for the remote and finally the remote. Now this is a Bluetooth infrared remote. Pretty light, compact, easy to use and I just wish that the plastic build quality would have been a little better anyway I'm not going to complain because it's a budget TV. So very functional remote, you have the power button on the top, you have the google assistant button, d-pad to navigate, back button, option button, home button, volume button then you have shortcut keys for Netflix, Youtube and Google Play. But one thing we saw missing, is the mute button on the remote, very surprising.

Design and Looks of Infinix X3 TV

A technician will be sent who will set up the TV for you. It doesn't come with a wall mount kit which you'll have to buy separately in case you want to wall mount the TV. We had table mounted the TV and the bezel-less design totally stands out, giving it a very premium finish. Having a closer look at it, it is very very slim. The lower bezel has this glossy finish with the Infinix branding in the center.


The back is made of polycarbonate and is extremely well built, very clean looking at the port placements. Well some of them are on the side while some are below. On the side are two HDMI ports, dual USB A ports and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Then at the bottom is the Speedif port, LAN Ethernet port, Antenna, AV composite and one HDMI port. So the port placement is very smartly handled most often used ports are easily accessible from the side while the ports like Ethernet, Optical, AV composite and Speedif are below. Now the HDMI 2 port on this TV supports ARC so you can connect it to HDMI ARC supported sound bars and Home Theater system for the best audio experience. All right before we boot it up a quick glance at the specifications.

Specifications of Infinix X3

So we get a full HD VA panel with a resolution of 1920X1080 pixels. It comes with 400 nits of peak brightness with 5000:1 contrast ratio. It comes with 1gb ram and 8gb internal storage, dual band wi-fi support, 2.4 and 5 gigahertz which is something we don't see very often in full HD TVs. Then it comes with 36 watt 4 speaker setup with Dolby audio support and finally it's running the latest android TV 11 OS.

Display review of Infinix X3

All right let's start with the main deal, the display so we played a demo video streaming from Youtube and it looked very nice, the color reproduction is realistic and very natural even the details in the images are very crisp and there are two reasons for that firstly it's a good bright panel and secondly Infinix's own Epic 3.0 image engine. Furthermore this also features an NTSC color gamut of 85 percent, producing nice vivid images. We also get HDR10 support and it was an HDR video we played, but we observed a slight orange tint to it. Everything that's brown or beige would look too Vibrant and Orangish, even skin tones. In fact even blacks look faded losing some dynamic range. Not sure if this is a software bug or this is how they have tuned it but the moment we move to regular HD content, the colors are perfectly balanced with deep blacks.

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It surely has very good contrast. The panel supports 60hz refresh rate and videos play buttery smooth without any jitter or lag. Now since this is a VA panel, the viewing angles are decent , I mean we did see a slight shift in color and tones when you move to the extreme sides. Then we also played local files on the default media player and 2k videos played instantly without any problem. Very clear with also an option to add subtitles if needed. It supports all popular formats such as mkv, mp4, mov but sadly 4K videos did not work but we are not complaining.


Then we also tested the setup box quality and I know this is very important as majority of our country is still hooked to set the box experience. Let's start with the SD channels, well they looked really good and at times it didn't even feel like standard definition very clear and totally viewable. Then here are HD channels and they are just amazing, each pixel carrying detail will definitely enhance the viewing experience.

Without a doubt, HD channels look better but yes you can view SD channels as well.

Interface and Software review of Infinix X3

Alright let's have a quick look at the interface. Now the first thing to notice is that you actually get the new Android Discovery UI, which has full screen carousel of contents from multiple apps. Then you have the app row and further below you have content from multiple apps. The best part is that even with 1GB RAM, the interface is snappy and very very responsive, not a hint of lag, very very well optimized.

Now to check out the Android Version number of the Infinix X3 TV, we have to go to the settings>device >preferences>about and here we have Android TV 11.

Let's have a look at the storage, So out of 8 GB we have 4.3 GB of usable space now if you want to see the picture settings you can see there is a three line button on the remote, you press that on the home page and you'll get picture settings, sound settings and system settings.

In picture settings you can set, the picture mode, you can set the backlight in advanced setting, you can change the color temperature, dynamic contrast, over scan noise reduction all the settings are available.

Further in sound you can see you have pure sound option that you can turn on and off, standard surround, night mode sound only and tons of other options.

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In systems you have HDMI CEC settings, sleep timer, Idle TV, Standby, TV placements settings and software updates.

Now let's check out the apps tab. In Apps Tab, we have Netflix that comes pre-installed, live TV, media players, settings, Youtube, Google Play Movies and Tv, Youtube Music, Google Play Store, Google Play games, Prime videos and System Tracing.

Let's quickly have a look at the Google Play Store and from here you can download tons of apps and games. Now if you come inside the entertainment tab, you'll find all your OTT Apps right here. Disney Hot Star, MX Player, Zee 5, Food, Sony Liv, Apple TV, Youtube kids. It's a huge collection.

If you come back to the home page, right on the top you'll even find the games tab. In games tab you'll find tons of games but remember most of these games will need a gamepad if you need to play them. Like for example, if you try to download a game, it will actually even give you a prompt. So make sure you have a gamepad if you need to play these games, then we installed Crossy Roads and played it for a while using the TVs remote and it worked very smoothly. However won't suggest to install high graphic games on this. Light casual gaming is just fine. Rest we also tested the Netflix app and it's very well optimized. It plays content without any hiccups very nice. Then here too we played the HDR content, you can see the HDR logo and we saw the same orange tint and faded blacks, it's pretty noticeable but the regular content looks absolutely perfect.


The Infinix X3 TV also supports Bluetooth 5.0 so you can connect your favorite pair of wireless earphones and enjoy audio at your convenience. Also Google voice assistant on board so ask it for the weather, general tree wear questions or even ask you to open apps, very handy.

Sound Quality of the Infinix X3

All right, now let's talk about the sound. So it comes with the four speaker setup with two mid-range speakers and two tweeters giving you a total sound output of 36 watts.

The audio gets loud enough for a medium-sized room, the mids and highs are excellent especially maintaining good clarity even at high volume. The only con is that they lack Bass, now I know you can't expect too much Bass from TV speakers but here I felt they even lack the richness. The audio is actually good but it doesn't have that punchy Bass that a lot of people prefer. Of course if you want that theater like experience, I suggest you get a sound bar with a subwoofer. Now usually I talk about the cons but the Infinix X3 43 inch gets a lot of things right.

With this one it's got a good display with decent viewing angles, it's got the latest Android TV 11 OS, it's got all the apps you need, it comes with dual band wi-fi and it's priced at just 19999 that's just shattering the market. Yes I can surely say if you're looking for a 43 inch full HD Smart TV under 20000, this is definitely the one to consider. By the way they also have a 32 inch Infinix X series for just 11999 another killer.

We hope this post was helpful, if there are any questions mention them down in the comments and We’ll be happy to answer them all. Also don't forget to share this with your friends who are thinking of buying a new Smart TV that too in budget.

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