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Viral TikTok makeup box Review | What do you get with the New Viral Makeup box by Tiktok?

The TikTok craze has resulted in some incredible goods for ladies. People's desire for the TikTok makeup package with before and after shorts skyrocketed once it went viral.

viral tiktok makeup kit

Before and after shots are included in the videos. The vloggers' facial features are instantly lifted when they use mascara or serum. Another video shows the before and after effects of applying mascara. All of these videos are unpaid and feature user feedback.

Now you can find all of the most popular beauty items in one spot. The TikTok makeup box was created by a company called Adpoture TikTok. The "Produits Coup de Coeur TikTok" beauty box collection is now available on Amazon. It includes five distinct products from companies such as Garnier, Loreal Paris, Maybelline, and others. So let's see what you'll get to spruce up your look for every occasion! 

The following are the contents of this TikTok makeup box.


L’Oreal Elvive Dream Long 8 seconds magic water


L'Oreal Elvivee Dream Long I seconds magic water is the first product in the TikTok makeup box. In just eight seconds, its unique Lameller technology adds gloss and volume to your hair. You'll have a voluminous, smoother hair that dazzles once it's untangled!

Garnier Skin Active Vitamin C serum

Garnier Skin Active Vitamin C serum

A Garnier vitamin C serum is also included in the TikTok beauty package. The SkinActive Vitamin C serum is ideal for enhancing your natural glow and fading age spots. With a unique weightless formula, this serum contains 30x vitamin C. Vitamin C and its fast-absorbing composition will be a hit with your skin. It will make your skin younger and brighter while keeping your face fresh and smooth for longer!

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Maybelline Sky high Mascara

Maybelline Sky high Mascara

Maybelline's innovative mascara provides more volume and larger lashes for hours. The mascara also comes with a flex brush that adds volume to your eyes from any angle, enhancing their appeal. Furthermore, you will have longer lashes for over 12 hours!


L’Oreal 24h infallible foundation powder

L’Oreal 24h infallible foundation powder

This TikTok beauty kit includes an L'Oreal foundation powder in addition to serums and mascara. There are nine different shades available for this 24-hour flawless foundation powder. This powder's special composition absorbs excess oil from your skin and gives you a matte finish all day. This unique compact provides medium to full coverage and may also be used for quick touchups on the run. The non-drying texture of this extreme hold product keeps your skin hydrated and nourished.


L’Oreal Paris Rivitalift filler Serum

L’Oreal Paris Rivitalift filler Serum

Finally, there's the Loreal Paris Rivitalift Filler eye serum. It contains hyaluronic acid and caffeine, which stops fine wrinkles from appearing beneath your eyes. After only six weeks of use, you will see visible effects. Collagen production is also boosted by the filler serum. It comes in a lovely package with a special triple roller applicator that massages and shapes your eyes to refresh and add a little glitz!

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So, if you're seeking for the greatest and most popular TikTok beauty products, Adpotrsure's TikTok makeup box is the way to go! This special edition is available here!

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