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Whats in the Bag of a Tech Blogger

See I'm a guy that wears a lot of different hats, I love to make music, do photography, film videos travel and of course I love tech. So whenever my job takes me on the go, I'm gonna have to bring some of that gear with me. Iam the content head here at Techronicle and today Iam gonna reveal, whats in my bag! 

whats in the bag of tech blogger


My Bagpack- Peak Design 45 ltr

Now when you're packing for a trip, whether it's work or play you're either gonna be afraid that you forgot something or be worried that your luggage really isn't going to fit everything you want to bring. See I'm going to talk about everything I put in my bag but most importantly we're going to start with the bag itself. My favorite gear bag is the Peak design 45 litre backpack.So at first glance this thing is pretty compact right, but there are tons of bells and whistles hidden right under the surface. One of my personal favorite features is the fact that you can stow away the shoulder and waist straps right inside the bag in case you want to switch it up and carry like a duffle bag.


Speaking of which this thing is actually TSA approved which means you can take it right on the plane without having to check it. So overall this bag just has a lot of options for storage, it even has an easy access pocket for things like your id, boarding pass and much more. What I love the most about the Peak Design 45 litre bag is the fact that I can fit all my small items and my bogey items all in one spot including my favorite mirrorless camera the Sony A7 iii. 

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My Camera- Sony A7 III

So this A7 iii camera is pretty much like old trusty at this point. I know it's been out for a couple of years but it's still the same workhorse has been since it came out. It's sort of like a jack of all trades meaning, it shoots photo and video, has a 24.2 megapixel sensor and it shoots up to 4K. The low light performance on the A7 iii is super impressive which is probably the reason why I'm always grabbing it whenever I'm taking it out on the night on the town, when I'm in a different city. The footage comes out amazing whether it's light or dark outside.There is a new model called the A74 out which is only about $500 more but if you get this one, trust me it's more than good enough for professional content creation in the digital age, even though it's a few years old.



My Powerbank- Amker Portable

On the go you can never really be too safe when it comes to power, that's why I always bring the Anker portable charger along. This is the twenty thousand milliamp hour version which means I can get about five charges for my smartphone if I ever really needed to. Aside from that, I can also charge all my camera batteries and my LED light batteries too. Have you ever had one of your batteries die on set before the shoot was over? trust me you do not want to try it at home. This thing has a USB C port right on the side of it which means you can get extra fast charging and get the job done. Nonetheless it's really easy on the eyes, this thing is nice and sleek you can't really go wrong with how small it is and how well it works.

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My Headphones- Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro

So the next item on the list are the Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pros and I gotta say, these are some of my favorite headphones I've ever owned. Something to note with these headphones here is that they're great for referencing and studio recordings because they're closed back. So though these are closed back headphones, they're still actually really great for audio mixing which I do a ton of. Mostly because of their flat frequency response, which means we hear the music exactly how the creator intended. I personally use the 80 ohms version but you're gonna need a headphone app to get the most out of the product. If you're gonna use it with something like your cell phone or your laptop then I can definitely recommend the 30 ohms version because you're not going to need anything extra.


No matter what version of the Beyer Dynamic Headphones you pick,  you're definitely going to hear things in the mix that you didn't hit before which brings me to my final and arguably the most important item in my bag my water bottle.

My Water Bottle- Iron Flask 22 OZ

My go-to water bottle is the Iron Flask 22 OZ bottle because I got to stay hydrated. There's a ton of different options and colors to choose from not to mention it's leak proof. This bottle is gonna keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. It's just reliable and it works so there you have it just a little inside look at what I keep in my bag to help me get things done there's obviously a ton more that I didn't write about, but that's for another day. Thanks for reading

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