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Pro-Ject Audio Systems introduces the E1 line of affordable turntables

Purchasing a new turntable to capitalise on the current wave of interest in vinyl records may be both intimidating and costly. Pro-Ject, an Austrian audio business that has been releasing high-fidelity sound to the public since 1991, is now lowering the price of some of their most expensive products.
When it comes to vinyl lovers and frequent readers, Pro-Ject is a household name, and the business has now released the E1 line of cheap turntables, which have electronic speed control and extra features like Bluetooth transmission.


The Pro-Ject E1 turntable is now available to audiophiles who seek the best out of their vinyl listening experiences without breaking the bank. With the introduction of a new series of affordable hi-fi disc spinners, Pro-Ject hopes to make the process easier.

Pro-new Ject's E-Line turntables, designed for the "budget-conscious budding audiophile," begin with the E1, which comes in three configurations. Handcrafted in Europe, the E1 Standard, E1 Phono, and E1 BT all feature the same core plug-and-play design.

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With both synthetic and belt-driven platters that work together to squash noise and vibration during playback, Pro-Ject delivers vinyl aficionados the excellence they expect from the brand. There are various price options for a version with no built-in pre-amp, an integrated phono pre-amp, and a newer version with Bluetooth streaming.

A low-mass synthetic main platter lies atop a high-density resin subplatter on all of the decks. The spindle is polished stainless steel, contained in a low-friction brass bearing well, which sets it apart from much of the competition at this level. 

Gloss black, gloss white, and satin walnut finishes are available for the three E1 turntable versions. Pro-E1 Ject's Turntable gives you an affordable alternative to enjoy the rich sound your records deserve, whether you're a veteran pro or a newcomer. $349 at retail

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A revised 8.6-inch straight tonearm with an aluminium tube and a new headshell with a pre-adjusted Ortofon OM 5E cartridge are included with the economy turntables. The tracking force and anti-skating settings have already been pre-adjusted by the company's manufacturing professionals, so you can start playing vinyl right away.

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The E1 Standard model requires a phono stage in your hi-fi amplifier or the purchase of a phono pre-amp to sit in the centre, whereas the E1 Phono includes one. The E1 BT also comes with an integrated phono pre-amp and allows listeners to connect the turntable to external Bluetooth speakers or BT headphones wirelessly, as the name implies.

Regardless of which model is chosen, Pro-Ject promises a rich, energetic sound with no sacrifice in performance despite the beginner-friendly price. The E1 Standard model costs $349, the E1 Phono model costs $399, and the E1 BT model costs $499. Each one comes with a dust cover made of acrylic.

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