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Xbox X Screen Full Review Specification and Price | Should I buy a X Screen for Xbox S?

My Nintendo switch isn't the only console I'm taking on the go these days, with the X Screen, I'm now able to travel around with a full Xbox to play. Let me tell you all about it. 


This is the X Screen from up spec gaming. It's a small monitor that connects to an Xbox series S and makes the console extremely portable and travel friendly. The series S is a fantastic current gen console and even though it isn't as   powerful as an Xbox series X or the Playstation 5, the low price tag and small form factor make it a really good deal for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the current generation of console gaming.

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The X Screen capitalizes on that small form factor to make your console more travel friendly. The X screen is an 11.6 inch monitor that can display a 1080p resolution at 60 hertz. Up spec gaming states on their website that the screen does not support HDR since that would be too great of a power draw for them to attain with this small of a form factor but it's that tiny footprint that allows the X screen to sit flush against the Series S when folded down to remain as compact as possible. It attaches right to the back of the Series S so the only cable you'll need is the Xbox's power cord.

I was lucky enough to have up specs send me an X Screen and they even included all of the additional accessories so that I can review them off for you.


Included in my shipment was the X-screen case which not only holds the monitor but the attached Xbox console, a controller and has additional room for cables or other small accessories. The case is sold for sixty dollars. Of course the monitor itself is here it's the most expensive part sitting at two hundred and fifty dollars as well we have the X screen stand feet which are little plastic pieces that allow the Series S to stand on its side with the screen pointed directly up above it. These sell for 25 dollars and up finally it also came with additional colored latches these are used to fasten the monitor to the console by use of the Xbox's vents and they hold everything in place.

Purchasing the X screen by itself will include white latches so they are just a fun add-on if you want some color. The colored latches cost ten dollars. The X screen attaches to the back of the device. It plugs into the HDMI and one USB port. Don't worry though the Series S still has a USB port on the front and the expansion slot on the back is still accessible if you want to plug in one of Microsoft's proprietary hard drives. One downside however is that the X screen does prevent the Ethernet port from being available this means you're stuck using wi-fi for any online gaming. You're most likely going to position the Series S flat on the table when using it but as mentioned there are these stand feet which allow the console to sit on its front face.

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You can then rotate the screen all the way pointing up. The console does feel sturdy enough when doing this and there's no disk drive to worry about being blocked. I can't really think of why you would want to position your Xbox like this instead of laying it flat but hey maybe you have a really cluttered desk or something. Either way more options are better than not. Right?


So let's talk about carrying this around. On its own the series S weighs 4.25 pounds or 1.93 kilograms and with the X screen attached you're looking at a total weight of 5.7 pounds and if you get the carrying case and fill it with everything you'll need to game you're looking at around eight and a half pounds that's still a pound and a half lighter than the series X's by itself the series S's dimensions are around 6X2.6X11 inches, with the X screen you're looking at an additional one and a half inches in depth and less than half an inch in height meaning the overall size to store the entire unit is 7.5 by 2.9 by 11 inches. Again if you purchase the carrying case you'll have plenty of room for the console. The screen one controller and the power cable now using the X screen is great.

I spent about a week jumping back and forth between games like Tunic Eldon Ring and Apex Legends and felt good. The whole time the setup is easy it's just plug and play being able to throw it into a backpack and carrying around a full-blown console is awesome. I was able to play this at my desk in the office, the coffee table, in the living room or even while in bed.

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Upspec gaming's website even shows some of the developers using this on a plane ride obviously that's not something I was able to test myself but I certainly plan to in the future. What I did test though was plug in the Xbox into my car's lighter port and that did work. Holy it actually works and I can't wait to go on my next road trip and bring the series s along for the ride.

The X screen also features built-in speakers and you can control the game volume as well as the screen's brightness by using the buttons on top. The other buttons include powering on and off and a menu button to access the panel's color features. The last button will overlay a crosshair in the middle of the screen you also have several different color options to choose from. I personally don't have a use case for this but maybe someone else does. With that said twitch shooters probably aren't experienced the best on this tiny screen anyway especially if you're playing in a place without wifi.


The possibilities for the X screen are really exciting. This device is perfect if you're someone who travels a lot for work or a student living in a cramped dorm room. With how easy this thing is to just close and slip away into a bag I'm now thinking about it in similar scenarios where only my Nintendo switch was an option I mean as a kid I grew up moving back and forth between my two houses and I lugged around game consoles and my own TV every single time. I still pack a series X with me whenever I fly back to my hometown and visit my folks. Not anymore for me, the X screen is a game changer.

Let's talk about the one drawback I’ve run into, the screen size you're definitely trading screen real estate for portability 11.6 inches is a tiny screen and as a result you're probably going to have to sit pretty close to it. I found for anything that required quick timing meant I had to sit two to three feet away from the screen. This also means that text shows up pretty small and I found myself having to lean in even closer from time to time to make out all the details hopefully whatever game you're playing has accessibility features that include increasing the text size.

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Another thing to watch out for is the amount of heat coming out of the series S's top vent when the console is on and even for some time after shutting down. The Xbox vents a lot of heat from this top circular grate Upspec points out that you shouldn't close the monitor while the console is on to avoid overheating. The panel I found that even after shutting down first then closing the panel the Xbox still produces a lot of heat well turned off heating up the panel a worrying amount. So I would recommend shutting down the machine a few minutes before you plan to close the lid so that the majority of the heat gets vented.

Conclusion: Is the X Screen worth buying? 

You're definitely going to have to factor in the price point an Xbox series S costs $300 but is often discounted close to around $250. The X screen by itself is also $250 so you're doubling the price of the console and that's not including the case or any of the other accessories. Now when you compare the X screen's price to a standalone TV, it's also on the expensive side. You can pretty easily get a 40 inch TV for around 250. So you're definitely paying a premium for the portability of this guy but a 40 inch TV would also be way harder to transport so we're kind of comparing Apples to Oranges here.


I've spent a lot of time with Microsoft's cloud gaming platform and it still isn't stable enough to compete with the real deal. So if your lifestyle doesn't allow for a big screen TV whenever you want, This is a really cool peripheral to look into. Although I don't move around as much as, I used to I still think this is a very fun and very premium accessory to have access to and although the series S lacks the performance and power of the Series X, I'm going to be using the smaller guy going forward on any travels and if you're someone like me who enjoys traveling with a game console then I would definitely recommend this product.

The X screen is available now on with limited availability internationally. There's an FAQ on the website that goes into more detail about the shipping if you're interested in some more information stay connected as we will be posting more reviews of it soon. Thanks for reading till end and let us know if you grew up with any gaming accessories you loved also don’t forget to share this piece of info with your gamer friends.

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